Kodi Alternatives | 10+ Home Theater Software Like Kodi

Hello guys, Kodi alternatives are ways to find media player software for your streaming on ios, Android, and windows. Softwares like Kodi supports people to watch their multimedia content on many physical devices. These softwares are quality media players to view offline and online content on your many devices.

Kodi is my favorite tool to use as a media player for my home theater device at home.

I think, you also love Kodi but these other alternatives offer you some extraordinary experience of the media player. There are many ways to use these Kodi alternatives like Smart tv platform, digital media player or video recorder. I used these media players or tv platforms on my hardware.

So, I can give you precise details about them; Please check these all softwares like Kodi and let me know your experience with them.

What is Kodi

Today we are discussing some highly successful media players like Kodi. In general, Media player or TV platform is a computer program which is mainly used to play multimedia files like videos, movies, live streaming, and music. All the operating systems have at least one in-built multimedia player with them to play media content.

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As you know, Linux comes with the Amarok and Windows comes with the Windows Media Player inbuilt. I can say, Kodi is one of the best in the same kind of it. This digital media software is the player who meets the demand of future generation.

Kodi was previously known as XBMC. It is a player who designed for the hardware like MIPS, ARM, ARM 64 and some others. This smart TV platform good on the big screen of the TV or LED. Kodi built by XBMC foundation in 2004 and written in Python and C ++ language. Find Necessary Hi-Tech Product Easy on .

You can use this player for operating systems like Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, macros, TVOS, Free BSD. Kodi has a well-looking TV-friendly interface. So now we are discussing 12 such alternatives of Kodi media software.

Kodi Alternatives

1.) Boxee Box HD

My first choice in Kodi alternatives is Boxee Box HD because of its durability and price range. This device developed or designed by Boxee, Inc. This Kodi alternative released in June 2008 but with the full functionality, it came in Dec 2011. This device marketed as first ever social media center it was mountain developed by a single for-profit startup company boxy which began as a Hitech Steels.

kodi alternatives player

This company is Tata based organization in Israel and USA with the seed money for several freedom investors. This software like Kodi supported Linux kernel and IOS mainly. There are some cons exist in this media player device like it doesn’t help Linux Mac OS X and Windows operating system. You can say it in one of the best in kodi alternatives box.

2.) Splash Lite Player

This software is a player which was developed by Mirillis. It initially came in September 2009 in the market. The program’s interface of this Kodi alternative is beautiful and is designed well with a menu that only appears when you moused over. It is used in Microsoft Windows.

I give a high rating to this media player for window user because of its offer me the same feeling as Kodi in windows.

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3.) Plex Player

Plex means having parts, all units of the number is specified by the initial element. The Plex Inc develops it. It is a type of media player which can run in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Plex wanted a media player to run on his Apple Mac, but none of the existing players met his needs, so he developed Plex player. It is a premium player which Run all type of files.

4.) Music Portal Player

This smart TV platform is mainly the alternative of Windows Media Player. This system coded in language C++ and the operating system of this player is Microsoft Windows. This player is also a digital video recorder with the media player. It was released recently in Jan 2008.

It has all the functions of other players including playing, passing and recording light, TV, playing DVDs, videos, music and other purposes.

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5.) Moovida Player

Moovida is the player that is known as advance NTV focus media center. It is available for Windows and Linux system, but in my opinion, it plays more excellent on XP and Vista systems than on Windows 7.

It has the cute icons and interface. Moovida has a full HD support for offline and online media and who enjoys more efficiently on a big screen. I also include this system in alternatives to Kodi.

6.) Google Play Music and Tv

As from the name we know that this is the player which is developed by Google and is available on Google play store. It is possible for Android and iPhone.It is also available for the users with operating system XP.

You can watch your favorite cinematic data which is shown in Chrome OS device or any Chrome browser watch it in big screen of any HD TV using Chromecast. In my opinion, you can use it as a part of Kodi alternatives for Android.

7.) Kantaris Media Player

If you want a player that is reliable and this is also used to use then this player is for you. It mainly plays all the files and all the format like AVI, mpg, MPEG, WMV, movie, OGG, MP3. It also supports DVDs and audio CDs. Its visualization is terrific, and it can become your media player without any problem.

8.) PS3 Media Player

As per the name, This player built for the PlayStation 3 and later on, it expanded for other media supports. The code of this player wrote in Java. The operating system supports are Microsoft Windows OS X Linux. It was stability released in August 2013. The FFMPEG and MPlayer support the PS3 media.

This player choosed number in the category of kodi alternatives for windows.

9.) J River Media Center

You can enjoy best video quality and sound User experience. It is compact very stylish and user-friendly. This player made it plays the videos faster unusual players it has no playback issues, and you can run the variety of audio and video files.

10.) GB-PVR

Using GB-PVR, you can convert your system into a media center, and it also provides you with the option to record TV.

11.) Cyberlink Power Cinema

This player needs no introduction. For years it has been the most favorite of all the users and has ruled the hearts.


So, I think you guys get your best alternatives to Kodi for your uses. Please comment down below for your questions, suggestions and other stuff.

I am content write and technical expert at a tech organization. I also do the computer science education through the college. Love to solve the techncal issue through my writing and want to help people to solve their.

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