The Lanyard 101: Lanyard Printing and more

 The lanyard has long been one of the most important business accessories. Most people will be familiar with lanyards, and their function. Recently lanyards have skyrocketed in popularity due to the many advancements in print.  technology allowing for greater customisation. Recently world leading fashion houses such as Givenchy and Louis Vuitton have started offering lanyards (at exorbitant prices) so awareness has never been higher.

Whether you need an affordable plain lanyard to identify staff or want to create a bespoke brand awareness solution, it’s a good idea to be aware of the terminology and specifics relating to lanyard production.

Lanyards are popular for a number of reasons:

  • They’re simple and convienient: just place around your neck
  • They’re easily customised, making them perfect for branding.
  • They’re versatile, offering a range of clips and fittings.

Lanyard Basics

So, lets dive in. Everything we discuss here can be applied to both stock and personalised lanyards. We will try to be as comprehensive as possible but should you still have questions about lanyards or lanyard printing, you can contact a professional lanyard  supplier such as CardLogic.

Lanyard Print Method

For personalised lanyards, the imprint method refers to the customisation process of the lanyard. In other words, the imprinting of your text, logo or whatever on to the strap. There are 3 commonly used methods for lanyard printing:


 Silk screening:

Ink is applied directly to the surface of the lanyard strap

Dye Sublimation:

Images are transferred to the strap using heat.


Design is woven directly into the fabric of the lanyard. Each print method offers its own distinct advantages. For more information on lanyard print methods, see the CardLogic Blog.

Lanyard Sizes

How long is a piece of string? Or in, this case how long is a lanyard? Lanyards are available in a variety of standard sizes and can be specially customised to suit customers’ demands. The standard lanyard size is typically 1 inch long and approx. 36 inch in length.

 Safety Breakaway

A breakaway clasp is an important safety feature that most modern lanyards have. Lanyards inherently can be hazardous should they become caught in machinery or similar.  The safety breakaway ensures that the lanyard will break apart should a reasonable amount of stress be placed on the strap.


Safety breakaways are often a requirement in businesses settings that use dangerous machinery.

 Finishing Options

The finishing option is the lanyards defining characteristic. For all intents and purposes, it is what makes the lanyard a lanyard. The finishing option gives the lanyard its distinctive loop shape. Without the finishing option, the lanyard would just be a strip of cord.

A variety of finishing options are available. Sewn, metallic crimps or plastic beads are the most commonly used finishing options.

End Fittings

Another crucial part of the lanyard. The end fitting is used to connect the lanyard to your ID Card holder or device. The end fitting depends entirely on what kind of item you will be attaching to your lanyards. A variety of hooks, swivel clips and key rings are available.

Symmetrical Customisation

Symmetrical customisation refers to the visual placement of your logo or text on the strap. Essentially, what it means is that your imagery will be consistent across the strap so that it will line up correctly at both ends.  If you start at the

Lanyards are one of the most widely used promotional items globally. They work so well for many reasons – They’re completely customisable meaning they’re suitable for everyone, from schoolchildren to business executives.  They’re long lasting: a lanyard will typically last as long as the user takes care of it. They offer cheap exposure: Lanyards are a subtle way to get your brand in front of the masses. They offer wide exposure at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

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