Learning Web Design from Online Bingo

Developing a website for your business is often a confusing process, and is one which is unfortunately unavoidable in our digital era. Instead of starting from nothing, a great idea can be to look for other websites for inspiration, to take and adapt what they do well to your own system. Using existing websites as a basis, we want to look at some of the most standout examples of positive design. What can we see demonstrated in this, and how and why should you consider borrowing some of the lessons these brands have learned for yourself?


The first and foremost concept to keep in mind when developing a webpage is that of legibility and readability. For an illustration of this idea, consider this webpage for jackpot bingo at Paddy Power. Despite having a wealth of information on the page focussing on different games like Beat the Bobbies and Shaman Spirit, everything is clearly labeled, and easy to follow.

Notice how the various sections of the page are color-coded, making it much easier to establish the different useful areas for navigation. On the top green bar is the account area, marked clearly. Under this are the different main page sections for games and promotions outside of the jackpot bingo subsection, within clearly defined pink borders. Lastly, the main background green of Paddy Power takes over, binding the jackpot bingo games within a larger cohesive area, in the overall brand’s flagship colors.

Modifying this for your design means first fully comprehending the entirety of what your website is trying to accomplish, and then finding the most user-friendly way to present this information. Your site might have far more or far fewer necessary tabs than this bingo site does, for instance, which might be better suited to a different general layout. As long as people can instantly understand the design, you should be on the right track.

2#) Features First


Next up is recognizing the importance that different levels of weighting can have to your website’s elements. Again, turning to the above example, you’ll notice that some of the most popular of these jackpot bingo games on the Paddy Power website are given prime real-estate. This ties into the simple idea of putting your best foot forward, though you also need to appreciate the possibilities that popularity isn’t always static.

Rather than rely entirely on one fixed setup, it can also be good practice to experiment, to give lesser-known elements you believe might be underappreciated time in the limelight. This can be especially important if you’re looking to get rid of excess stock or advertise something new which hasn’t yet reached its full potential.

3#) Keeping up to Date

The final component you need to understand when developing a website is that your work will never be done. Instead of simply putting in major energy every month or two, it can be better to commit small and consistent efforts at the end of every day or workweek. When a new game or feature comes out on an online casino like with jackpot bingo, the website is better off being one of the first to see that its customers are aware, and this is an attitude you should similarly adopt. Return users, be they customers or subscribers, will get a sense of how often you update your products, and appreciate it.

Over the long term, even the smallest effort can add up to something significant, and this something that needs to become consolidated over time. Keep in mind the concepts touched on above, and know that while the process might seem overwhelming at first, practice will eventually make it second nature.

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