List of Ideas for Using Social Media for Scientists

Internet is pervading in our lives today. Today, Internet is much different than it was introduced to us in 1995. Now, we can interact with any person who lives on earth and have an access to Internet. This means, we have an access to all kinds of professionals. We are not confined to our cities and our countries when we are discoursing on science issues. Recently, social media has started to bring amazing results for everyone who is engaged in some sort of research and innovation. By utilizing social media, you can collaborate on any kind of science project.

Few social media ideas for scientists are listed below:

  1. You can use various social media websites that are made for scientists to discuss your initial hypothesis with experts in your field. This can really bring you encouraging results. Most experts like to provide help to new researchers. By contacting experts of your field at the beginning for your science project, you can obviate delays in your scientific endeavors.
  2. If you need different kinds of services to complete your science project, you can use crowdsourcing websites to exchange services. Also, you can raise funds for your science projects by using crowdfunding. For example: you may be able to receive funds for buying solar cells that you need to make solar panels. Regular social media websites are also good for these purposes.
  3. You can initiate the discussion on science forums and social media websites to lead you towards the solution of major issues that you or your community is facing. By initiating scientific discussions, you may be able to find lots of information that you may not be aware of. Also, it is much likely that experienced scientists may provide you the information on how they had tackled similar problems when they were young and were researching.
  4. By going on social media websites that are for scientists only, you can find many courses and research papers on issue you are researching on, imagine people start paying for Instagram followers. It is important to keep in mind that one of the main purposes of use of Internet is to have an access to wealth of information. When you go on forums and discuss your issue with people around the world, you get the broader prospective on particular problem. At the same time, you can receive links of web sites that have abundance of information for you. For receiving pointers towards relevant knowledge, science forums and other social media for scientists can be great source for you.
  5. When you do scientific research or investigation, you have to have a particular strategy. There are many regular social media websites that enables scientists to evaluate their strategies. By researching on Internet, you can also find various websites for scientists that may provide you a feedback on your particular strategy or may provide you an opportunity to have peer-review on your written execution plan of your research.
  6. There are social media websites for scientists in which scientists can create their own networks. Finding these kinds of websites can be very useful for you. Also, there are websites in which you can create your own open access library that can provide opportunity to visitors to leave feedback.
  7. Video posting websites are great for circulating your research across the globe and receive comments at same time. For example: you will find many videos made by individuals who have worked on water cell cars. Also, you can find a video on initial research on airplanes that can fly with gravitational force only. SciVee is great website in which you can upload your scientific research related videos.

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