Load Up Your Switch! The Best Nintendo Games For New Gamers

The Nintendo Switch turned a year old just a few weeks ago, and the games released for it are already making headlines in the gaming world. Whether you’re looking for popular titles such as their Mario and Zelda games, exciting RPG narratives, or adrenaline pumping shooter games, there’s a game for your eclectic tastes.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with a list of the best games to have on your Nintendo Switch get you started.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Let’s start off this list with one of Nintendo’s biggest franchise, The Legend of Zelda. Their Nintendo Switch game, Breath of the Wild was highly lauded by gamers both new and old to the series.

It was released almost at the same time as the console was, and is the tenth game in the main Legend of Zelda franchise. This game, however, stands out because of its open-world feature.

The plot goes: Link wakes up from a hundred-year sleep to a voice that tells him he must defeat Calamity Ganon before it destroys the kingdom of Hyrule. Players are given very little instruction and are allowed to roam Hyrule freely. This means that they can finish the game in a non-linear fashion, as well as influence the direction of the game.

Super Mario Odyssey

 It isn’t surprising that Nintendo’s franchises are getting the best reviews, and Mario is no exception. Despite being about 10 years old, the Mario franchise made Super Mario Odyssey seem fresh and new for the Nintendo Switch.

It follows the same familiar storyline, Bowser, Mario’s arch nemesis, has kidnapped Princess Peach and is forcing her to marry him. Bowser ended his taunting by shredding Mario’s hat and threw him off the ship. Luckily, Mario lands in a world with hat-shaped ghosts and has chosen Cappy as his sidekick.

This is considered to be the best Mario game in recent years (which is saying a lot since most Mario games have been met with applause), so you shouldn’t miss out on it.


If you’re looking for an exciting, adrenaline-pumping game akin to what you feel when you watch any Fast & Furious film, then set your sights on getting DOOM.

The DOOM franchise has always been known for its intense action and highly entertaining first-person gameplay. The Nintendo Switch version isn’t what you’ll expect from it. None of its features have been watered down to cater to the Switch’s portable handheld nature. Instead, it has retained its brutality and cutting edge visuals, and it’s so unbelievable to experience.


Dubbed as a virtual LEGO, Minecraft has gained popularity in the recent years. This Nintendo Switch version offers the same feature as its console or PC versions.

But the reason you must have it in your own Switch is so you can have a game that allows you to explore your very own creativity. You can start your own city in Minecraft, recreate fictional cities like Mordor or King’s Landing, or build a whole world with your friends.

Other than these games, do you know what else makes Nintendo Switch so enticing? It’s the accessories and variants that it comes with. Now, you can get the new Nintendo switch in Neon from Harvey Norman, purchase different controller designs, and more!

So get yourself a Nintendo Switch, load up these games, and get obsessed with gaming again.

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