London SEO Guide: A Short Guide to SEO in 2019 with London SEO Agency

Would you answer this call? Happenings in the online world are turbulent, and in the last years, things have been changing faster than ever. In order to stay the world’s top search engine, Google has to change its algorithms from time to time. The content that will appear in the search engine passes through rigorous checks. Google frequently adds new items that will affect the ranking of some content to its algorithms.

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Website owners need good SEO. This is a process that will help their web pages ‘survive’ all future changes. They have to accept it if they want their websites to be ranked high in the search engines. Without it, their Internet lifetime is over. In order to achieve this, the professional application of SEO techniques is required, and the year 2019 brought some novelties.

Mobile Friendly Content

People today are inseparable from their smartphones. They use it for everything, both in business and in private life. Content of the highest quality can be useless if website owners don’t optimize it for mobile devices.

Browser’s algorithms will check everything – how your website looks on a mobile phone, what content it provides, how it’s designed, etc. Very often, they ask Internet users to evaluate their experience. For example, numerous surveys show users hate pop-up windows. So you need to find other ways to point out something you want.

The Best Customer Experience for Recurring Visits

There are several requirements to get your site to a better position in browsers. First one is to be as much user-friendly as possible. Next, it should comply with the search engine rules and offer excellent content. Readers can quickly discover whether they can find what they want or not on your site. High-quality texts will get you shares and recommendations. And that means free promotion and access to more new users.

If a website provides its audience with the experiences they have hoped for (or overcomes these expectations), visitors will spend more time there. The longer the users stay on a web page, the more relevant it will be for search engine algorithms.

And apart from the time users spend on a web page, the website owner can expect recurring visits from them. That will increase the flow of organic traffic (read here about the types of organic traffic). This inevitably leads to a better ranking of the site in search engines.

Search by Voice

Digital assistants are a great help to lazy Internet users. Everyone can access the Internet using them and voice search. Every time you can’t use the touch screen, you can rely on a speech search. Another great thing about voice search is that it allows people with disabilities to access the Internet.

The advantages of voice search are speed and performance, which will give them a better user experience. People will appreciate a smooth search, with almost zero effort. So this trend is a must for website owners in 2019.

In-Depth Content

With numerous technological innovations, Internet users became more demanding. And the way to success is in understanding these needs. It is no longer enough to focus only on the keywords they use; now their intentions are the priority. Website owners have to predict what typical users want when they start an online search.

For example, when a user searches for a product, does he look for stores where he can buy it? Or he just wants to read the impressions of other customers. Or maybe he’s interested in product performance. SEO should be based on covering the answers to these questions.

According to the prominent London SEO agency, search engine algorithms will increasingly focus on the individual intent of Internet users. So not just keywords; website owners now have to think about what kind of content browsers will consider relevant for specific niches.

Today, SEO techniques do not focus only on search engines, but on the overall user experience. Since search engines like Google regularly update their algorithm, know that the SEO tactics you’ve used until now, maybe won’t work from now on. Trends will continue to change, all because of providing the best results to Internet users. You have to keep up with them.

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