Marketing With Promotional Items This Summer

Once upon a time in the world of marketing, there existed companies that put their logo on just about anything that moved, and didn’t move. From a colorful billboard set up at a well-traveled intersection to the back of a commercially-approved van, company logos represented the focal point of promotional campaigns.

Logos still dominate the marketing world, except now the emblems appear on useful items like the products offered by GoPromotional. In addition to logos, a rapidly growing number of businesses have discovered unique and highly effective ways to add other information to promotional products that get the word out about their brands.

With summer fast approaching, the time has arrived for your company to expand awareness of its products and services by using promotional products to do much more than present a recognizable logo.

The time has come to learn how marketing with promotional items this summer can boost sales.

An attractive logo that captures the essence of a brand worked wonders for attracting the attention of potential customers that attended business seminars and industry trade shows. Then, along came the Internet, and a much more easily identifiable way to promote your company.

It is called your company’s website URL.

All it takes is the name of your company dot com to send the message that your business really means business. A website URL is like an invitation to an open house that is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It presents all the information you need to present in a much smaller space than a company logo, and it gives you the opportunity to capture the attention of a much larger target audience.

Social Media Addresses

Not to be outdone by website URLs, social media addresses have emerged as important information to place on promotional products. You can hashtag this and Snapchat that to get the word out about your company on social media sites. With consumers spending more time than ever on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, widening the marketing net online far beyond your business website makes financial dollars and cents.

QR Codes for Instant Customer Satisfaction

You can leave everyone that visits your booth at a community sponsored special event with important company information, or you could do that and more by giving attendees to the big event an instant way to save money. Add a QR code to an item like a coffee mug or an umbrella gives customers an opportunity to save money on the same day that you meet them at a special event. QR codes on promotional items can also direct customers to other types of online content that includes YouTube videos and online greeting cards.

Add App Information

Companies that use apps to run their businesses are prime candidates for promotional products. You can print the information on virtually any type of promotional product to highlight an app, which gives your customers the distinct impression that your brand embraces the latest innovations offered by technology. Using app information also gives you the opportunity to promote how the app improves customer service, as well as makes the buying process easier.

GoPromotional Customized Gifts for the Next Big Event

So, which products do the best job at spreading the word about your business at special events? The answer is that there are not just a few select promotional products, but a wide range of items that can increase recognition for your business in the community.

Let’s look at a few promotional gift ideas for the next big event.

High Tech Rules the Day

We already mentioned how a cutting edge app printed on a promotional item can enhance awareness of your company. You can take the high tech approach to promotional products to the next level by ordering GoPromotional products such as phone accessories and computer components.

Company Apparel

Clothing offers plenty of room to add both a company logo and other information that includes the website URL of your business. Polo shirts are a popular item to give away at company-sponsored recreational events like golf tournaments and softball tournaments. You can add information about a new app on a winter cap or a summer pair of jogging shorts.

Green with Envy

Eco-friendly items have become a hit among environmentally conscious businesses that want to expand awareness of their products and services. This is an especially effective marketing strategy for office products and travel accessories.

The sky is the limit when it comes to imaginative ways to market your company by giving away promotional gifts. Learn more about what GoPromotional has to offer by visiting our website.

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