Did You Know Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Might Replace Spec Ops/Zombies

Call Of Duty: Vanguard has just been released, but people are talking about the next game from now. Well, the Call of Duty franchise has certainly grown over the years with exquisite gameplay that offers us some wholesome hours of entertainment. Now, the players suspect the next game to be Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Boosting has some sick leaks or revelations.

There will be numerous additions and new concepts that will be breathtaking for sure. It will be a great experience for the gamers because it’ll take some drastic deviation from the Vanguard or other games.

In other words, we can say that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has some crazy ambitions in the future. The game, which will probably release next year, has some big plans and lots of leaks for it. So, if you are a CoD fan, then it’s time to follow this article because we will share some riveting facts about the upcoming game.

There Are A lot Of Big Plans For CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Coming Next Year

Call of Duty franchise never fails to disappoint us, and we have seen it in Vanguard itself. However, fans are excited about the next game, which will be titled Modern Warfare 2. According to the latest leaks, there will be some unique features to the game that we haven’t seen before. From the leaks, we have got to know that the game will have:

  • A New Warzone map which is based on Classic Modern Warefare 2 Multiplayer arenas.
  • A New Third Mode that we have never seen before in the CoD franchise.
  • More player choices and Smart AIs.
  • Task Force 141 in this game will take on the Colombian drug cartels.
  • Ralphsvalve says that the game’s third mode will have an escape from the Tarkov Style experience.
  • Multiple maps will support the new mode.
  • You can buy or trade items in Bazaar and Gunsmith in this new model.

So, from the above points, we can see that the new game will have a new and scintillating warzone map, and it will be based on the classic Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer areas. Moreover, it will also have a brand new third mode that Call of Duty players has never seen before.

Recently, the CoD Vanguard has received exceptional support from its players and critics. In fact, if we go by the numbers, we can say that it has attracted a whopping 100 million players.

What Do These Recent Leaks Suggest?

Well, the leaks we have just pointed above suggest some speculator future for the franchise. The reboot sequel will have features like a new morality system, weapon jamming, refined AIs, and of course, much gore.

People are claiming that the 2022 game will have a model similar to Konami’s horror experience PT. In fact, we can also add that it will have a Tarkov style game mode.

The Leaks In Detail

The leak sources are genuine enough to believe that the above-mentioned leaks will surely take place in the main game next year. So, if you want to know the leaks in detail, then let’s find out.

1.  The Campaign

According to the sources, modern warfare will center around the drug war against the Colombian cartels. In other words, Task Force 141 will now have to fight against new opponents. Sources have also said that the game’s single-player story will take a gritter approach on 2019’s Modern warfare campaign. This time the players will enjoy close-quarter combat, tough decision-making. In addition, there will be classic COD moments that the fans thrive on.

2.  Return Of The Task Force 141

This time you will be able to play with more of task Force 141 characters both in the campaign as well as in multiplayer mode. However, this time the Taskforce 141 will wear something different and ride military rubber boats and small helicopters. In addition, the AIs will be refined and realistic to immerse the players more into the game.

3.  Warzone Map

As the leaks have suggested, the developers have put a lot of work into a new warzone map. According to the people who have leaked the information on the dev’s plan, the brand new map for the Warzone will be akin to a battle royale. The original map will have an expanded version of Fedela and other arenas like Quarry, Terminal, Trailer Park, etc

4.  Third Mode

There will be a third mode which s similar to Battlefield 42’s Hazard zone. However, it will deliver the players an escape from Tarkov style gameplay experience as well. In other words, the players will have to collect loot and then retreat to an extraction point.

Moreover, in this mode, the player limit will be between 20 to 35, and you can play this game mode either solo or up to a squad of 4. As per the sources, the developers will have this game mode supported by multiple maps to offer an outstanding COD experience.


Much of the gaming industry is trying to incorporate various elements into their game to make it even better than before. That’s why the developers are trying to take a leaf out of the success of Escape From Tarkov. If everything goes according to plan, the Tarkov Style gaming experience will certainly be interesting.

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