10 Most Smart Criteria for Selecting the Best Academic Writing Service

When looking for a quality academic writing service, use these criteria to choose the best one.

#1 Reasonable Prices

In many spheres of our lives, something exclusive and expensive still means “the best.” And though it can still be related to cars or jewelry, or spa-resort, academic writing services don’t make it to this list. When it comes to essay writing reasonable prices is the first criterion to think about. Writing companies are not exclusive anymore so there is no reason to overpay for service of the standard quality.

#2 Fair Pricing Policy and Transparency

Reasonable prices, especially in the advertisements, are not enough to decide whether the pricing policy of the particular service is fair. You should understand how exactly the price is formed. Mostly, the price is formed based on three major factors: the proximity of the deadline, the number of pages needed, the level of your education. Additional services will, of course, influence the price, but additional costs should not be added without your direct request. For example, you want only English native speaker to deal with your paper, mostly it adds up to 25% to the initial cost of your paper. However, it should be only your decision about whether to choose this service or not. The change of price based on the change of the deadline should be gradual and fair, not stip.

#3 The Variety of Writing Styles

It would be way easier if we just needed essays to be written for our course, However, fortunately, or unfortunately there are all kinds of paper out there, which means different writing styles should be applied. Before placing your order, make sure that you can choose the type of paper, and discuss the writing style with a support team member and an assigned writer. The quality of your paper highly depends on the level of customization. It is good to find a writer whose style resembles yours. If a writing service you consider offers to send you writer’s samples (it adds up about $10), it is better to use this offer when it comes to serious tasks, like a research paper or capstone project.

#4 Guarantees Which Secure Your Experience

Before placing the order with a service you stumble upon for the first time, it is a reasonable choice to check on guarantees offered by this service. Their names vary from one service to another, but the essence of the most popular ones is the same. First of all, pay attention to Plagiarism-Free and Timely Delivery Guarantees. A particular service should recognize its responsibility when it comes to submitting a zero-plagiarized paper on time. Later, look for the guarantee which ensures your right to send a paper for a free revision and be refunded in case the paper is not delivered on time or its quality is lower than expected.

#5 Direct Communication with the Assigned Writer

Of course, you will be able to communicate in a specific chat room, and maybe only through comments to your order, but, at the same time, you will be able to communicate not only through a support team manager. It is important because you need to share ideas, keep in touch, ask questions, etc. Don’t lose this opportunity to make sure your paper is the highest priority of the particular author. Our advice is to stay in touch always, as writers have several papers which they need to write simultaneously, and you want the utmost attention to be given to your assignment. It is impossible unless you establish a good rapport with an assigned writer.

#6 Plagiarism Prevention Clearly Explained

It is not enough to state that every client of the company receives an anti-plagiarism guarantee. You should know how this 100% originality is ensured. For example, a particular service should state how the originality is checked. It should be checked by an assigned writer, later by an editor from a proofreading team. First — manually, later, with the help of an advanced anti-plagiarism checker.

#7 Around-the-Clock Support

It is hardly possible that you get stuck with your academic paper writing only in “working hours,” so the best academic writing service should be ready to receive your request day and night. More of it, not only support team should be online, but also a service should make sure that there are enough writers 24/7 to jump into action and deal with your order. Most of the quality services work with the US, UK, Canada, Australia writers, which means they cover all the time zones.

#8 Professional Academic Writers

It is obvious that you can’t check the proficiency of all the writers employed by the particular service. However, what you actually can do, is to read what the service writes about their hiring policy. You don’t want “young and ambitious writers” deal with your assignment. You want “Master’s and Ph.D. degree-holding experts with relevant field experience” to write a quality academic paper for you.

#9 References, Testimonials, Tips from Friends

At first, we thought that we should start with this point, because you, of course, have to check on references and testimonials before addressing a particular service. However, you should be very clear when asking for advice from your friends. What is “OK” for them may be a disaster for you and vice versa. No matter which feedback about the particular agency you receive, ask for more details, dig deeper.

#10 Your Intuition

Sometimes you just feel that “something is not right.” In this case, it is better to look for another service. Our intuition is a great guardian, as it is a result of our collected but not fully realized experience.

Choose a writing service wisely, and you will never be scammed or disappointed!

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