New Retail Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

Technology advancements are revolutionizing retail space. The industry has seen numerous developments ranging from shopping carts to secure payments through smart devices.  It is, therefore, vital for retail marketers to adjust their marketing strategies in line with the latest trends. Below are some retail marketing strategies every retailer should know.

  1. Voice Search

Voice-activated devices are a new addition to the sales channel. Amazon Alexa and Google Home have added a futuristic touch to the most homes. We now have new applications that allow customers to create shopping lists by speaking. Also, we now have a chatbox that recommends products to customers depending on their buying habits. According to ComScore, 50% of searches in 2020 will be done through voice. Voice searches will allow users to access products faster.

Retail marketing should, therefore, have elaborate plans of integrating their voice search to suit slang, colloquial, and accents of local clients. This will make your brand more discoverable. You can easily discover these phrases by paying close attention to how consumers in geographical markets discuss their products and brands.

  1. Cross Channel Strategies for Integrated Shopping Experience

Cross channel strategy integrates online and offline channels of the retail industry. Cross channels initiatives are responsible for driving about 46% of retail store visitors. A considerable number of visitors visit a brand website and then an in-store or the other way round. Therefore marketers should ensure that they optimize these channels for higher conversions.

Cross channel strategies should, therefore, embrace information sharing to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. But that is not all. The initiatives should offer a personalized experience with more enhanced results. Retail businesses can achieve great results by establishing mobile apps that have personalized customer profiles. Other great features include loyalty programs and a way that customers can buy online and pick products at stores.

  1. Social Commerce

Social media networks offer a great platform for meeting people online. Nowadays, social platforms have e-shop features and purchase buttons. This means that customers do not have to leave the platforms to purchase products that they love.  Retail brands can integrate social networks on social platforms to increase purchases.

  1. Making Retails stores Points of Experience

Consumers now have different expectations from retail outlets. Most customers now want to do more than purchases in retail stores. This is where retail stores beat online stores. Retail stores that offer a personal touch and physical touch have added advantage. Retails stores should offer better shop experience to increase store revenue and visits. Retail stores should aim to attract new customers by using a standing banner, promotions and other marketing methods. When customers visit retail stores, retailers should offer more than an ordinary shopping experience.

  1. Remarketing to Website Visitors

One of the new marketing strategies is using website visitors to drive sales. This method involves seeking information about potential customers. The retargeting campaign tends to be simple in convincing visitors to make purchases. Consumers from the previous visit need little convincing to click ads. Retargeting visitors helps to study visitors to behaviors. Geographical locations and other important information can help create customized and compelling content for future campaigns.

  1. Creating Buyers Personas

Buyer personas of customers that include their personalities help understand how consumers relate with your brand. This helps to enhance tactics and messages that retailers can use to market to the consumers. Marketing research helps learn new ways of reaching new customers. However, as you get more information, you need to focus your research on marketing efforts. You can do this by building a buyer persona.


Retail industry should aim to evolve with technology. It is also important to fine-tune customer experiences according to customer feedback. Every retailer who wants to succeed in the competitive retail space should start by embracing the new marketing strategies.

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