First Expo 2020 Number Plates Auction in Dubai

People love to explore the most beautiful destinations in the world. Dubai is one of such prestigious lands that are highly visited by its admirers. Besides its wonderful tourist attractions, its horizon business also attracts commercial travelers. No matter which purpose you are going to Dubai, you should contact the best Rent a car Dubai company for traveling across the city.

If you are going to Dubai for your business project, you will surely hire an automobile from the vehicle rentals. Many entrepreneurs want to show their luxurious upper-class lifestyle. In order to prove their high status, some business travelers and tourists not only rent a car but also buy an auctioned number plate from the Road and Authority (RTA).

1#) What is the number plates system in Dubai?

Dubai has a very interesting and unique system of number plates. Unlike other countries, number plates of automobiles are symbols of status representation. Which kind of numbers and how many numbers you have on your car plate will be considered as your biometric swipe card.

Have you ever noticed during your visit to Dubai that some exotic cars come and pass easily even when you are stuck in traffic?

Many tourists are not aware of the uniqueness of the number plates of Dubai. For instance, if you are driving a car with a number plate of four or five digits, no one will stand for you to open the door for you. But if you are traveling in a vehicle of fewer numbers on the plate, you will be considered as a member of an elite class family. Thus, a number plate with fewer digits is a demonstration of more money in your bank account.

2#) Why is an Auction arranged for Number Plates in Dubai?

RTA number plate auctions have been very popular in Dubai in the previous years. Unique number plates are firstly made and then sold on the higher bid. This auctioned number plate tradition is becoming more popular in Dubai and the RTA uses this system for money-making. You can use this plate for your vehicle rented from a cheap car rental company in Dubai.

Because it’s not the company of your leased or rented car but the number plate on it which will decide your status. Recently, 20 unique number plates have been launched for an auction. These number plates are sold in millions of dirhams. One such number plate was sold for 33 million dirhams in 2016 by a popular Indian businessman, Balwinder Sahani.



3#) What are the Expo 2020 Number Plates?

These are very special number plates having a unique logo of Expo 2020 on them. Now, it’s the first time, when these number plates are going to be offered in the RTA’s number plate auction. The number plates on sale contain the alphabets from H to Z with the exemption of J and Y.

You will be surprised to know that the “T 50” number plate which is now a part of electric-collection number plates was once sold for 2.44 million AED in an auction. In the past, many auctions have taken place for the number plates in which the plate was sold to the highest bidder.

If you ever plan to visit Dubai, go to rent a car Dubai company for an automobile hire. After choosing your dream car from cheap car rental service providers of Dubai, don’t miss an opportunity of attending number plates auction. You will surely enjoy how Dubai millionaires participate and bid for a number plate.

Therefore, these auctions are organized for monetization of RTA and providing luxury protocol to elite residents and travelers in Dubai.

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