8 Best Online Games You Should Play Today

There are dozens of great online games to play with people, which is why we have selected the 8 best online games you should play today and can download from the best games on the app store.

Call of Duty: Warzone

You can download Call of Duty: Warzone completely free, without having to buy any game in the CoD saga, it is an independent title. Warzone takes place in Verdansk, a vast city with numerous areas and more than 300 points of interest.

In Battle Royale mode 150 players face off against each other in teams of up to 3 players. A circle of lethal gas is closing so that players are forced to fight. When you die you go to a gulag where you have to compete for 1 on 1 against another defeated player. Whoever wins returns to the game? If you lose, you must wait for your team to fulfill contracts (tasks and challenges) to free yourself.

There is also a Loot mode in which two teams compete for treasures, and when you defeat an enemy you keep what they carry. The team that accumulates the most treasures wins.

 Online Games

Final Fantasy XIV

It has taken years, but finally, Final Fantasy XIV has become the game that it wanted to be, and what one of the most mythical sagas of video games deserves. It is a fantasy online role-playing game where you play a character that has a certain job or class: fighter, healer, magician, thief, etc. Alone or in the company of your friends, you have hundreds of missions at your disposal that will take you to all corners of the world of Hydaelyn, shared with thousands of players.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

The card game that started it all has returned a couple of months ago with a very generous free version, where you can easily get card packs, simply by winning games. Magic the Gathering Arena maintains the popular game system that has been active for almost 30 years, although with the numerous strategic variants applied by the different card collections.

The game includes a narrated tutorial in Spanish where they teach you how to play, and you can practice all you want against the AI. But it has no campaign or individual missions. It is a game designed to play online against other players.


Is there anyone who does not know Fortnight? It is one of the most played games of the moment, so we did not discover anything new. But it is mandatory to include it in this type of list with the best online games.

Although it was not the promoter of the Battle Royale (that merit goes to PUBG), it was the title that popularized them. It continues to maintain this free-for-all mode for teams of three players, but over time it has added others, such as Save the world, where you face hordes of monsters or enemies, another was when they kill you.

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks is one of the most played free war games in history. If you don’t have a weak computer or are looking for lighter action, without complicated controls, World of Tanks Blitz is the mobile version that has been converted to PC.


Monster Hunter World was one of the best-selling games of last year. A free alternative to Capcom’s smash hit is Dauntless, which proposes the same goal: hunt down huge monsters called Behemoths, who are devouring the world.

Dauntless is a game of exploration and fighting against huge enemies or other players. By exploring or defeating the giants you obtain materials with which to forge new weapons and improvements.

It is one of those games that is much more enjoyable playing with friends in cooperative mode. Fighting large monsters in a group are essential in Dauntless.

Auto Chess

Auto Chess was one of the big surprises. It appeared out of nowhere and became one of the most played games of the year. But what is Auto Chess? The truth is that its mechanics are quite simple and that is why it has attracted a lot of people, but the key to its success is its strategic depth.

Auto Chess, as its name suggests, is a Chessboard where the pieces fight alone. There are dozens of characters, each with their abilities, stats, class, rarity, etc. You simply drop them on the battlefield, and they alone fight the enemy.

Apex legends

Complete the trio of aces of the free Battle Royale the spectacular Apex Legends, developed by Respawn for EA. It presents some differences concerning Fortnite since you can choose between characters with different abilities, which you then have to take advantage of on the battlefield.

There is a touch of strategy since in teams of three players; the combination of skills can be more or less effective. Combats bring together 60 players on the same battlefield.

It is among the best online games out there right now.

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