5 Tips to Know About Organizing PDF Files in Your PDF Reader  

PDF readers have become an integral part of our lives as they let us create and access PDF files on the go on various devices. However, there comes a time when we have hundreds of PDF files stocked in our device and finding one out of many can become a bit daunting.

Imagine if your manager asks you to send him a PDF document that you created last month and you can’t find the file in your device. It can leave a bad impression on you and even put your at risk.

Your manager would not be wrong to blame you for failing to properly organize files. After all, it is a part of your job and this job can be made easier with the help of a PDF reader.

Modern PDF readers out there have taken care of this problem and are now offering easy organizing and sorting options to users.

Here are various organizing options that you can avail from PDF readers:

1. Create Folders And Sub Folders

SodaPDF lets you create folders and name them as you like. Furthermore, you can create subfolders to categorize them easily and get access to them quickly.

This is a great strategy to organize PDF files as you can group similar files in one folder such as business documents or invoices.

2. OCR Feature

Soda PDF is one of the few PDF readers that offers OCR functionality. OCR, short for Optical Character Recognition, is a feature that provides you an editable version of a document along with images by using OCR technology.

This feature eliminates the hassle of typing a document from scratch.

3. File Merging

No one likes clutter whether it’s of a pile of paper or digital files stored on a device. It becomes daunting to keep them well organized and find a file on time when there are so many.

To make it easier, you can merge similar files into one and make space in your device.

4. Search Option

The latest PDF readers let you search files. You can also organize files according to their names (alphabetical order), date created, etc., to make it even easier to search for what you need.

The search feature is very basic but can be quite helpful in saving time.

5. Cloud Storage

One of the best ways of not only keeping your files secure but easily accessible as well as by storing them in the cloud. This feature is not common in PDF readers but there are some PDF readers such as Soda PDF. It is integrated with cloud sources including Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

You can gain direct access to the files that are stored in the cloud making it a breeze to share and access files.

The Conclusion

If you have to deal with a plethora of PDF files on your device then it’s better to get a quality PDF reader that offers good organizing options.

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