Pro Tips to Improve Your Win Rate in FPS Games

FPS games have a strong history in gaming, from the early days of Doom and Quake, to modern shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and battle-royale games like Fortnite and PUBG.

But no matter the FPS game, the skill set required is generally the same across the genre. So whether you’re playing Call of Duty or PUBG, we’ve put together some pro FPS gaming tips to help improve your win rate.

Get a proper gaming mouse and keyboard

Having a proper gaming mouse is incredibly important for any FPS gamer. For starters, gaming mice are designed for different styles of mouse grips, which include:

  • Palm grip
  • Claw grip
  • Tip grip

Most competitive FPS gamers use a form of claw grip, but eSports pros can switch between grips depending on the situation, and have special mouses designed for their grip styles.

The palm grip is how an office worker would hold a mouse, resting the entire palm on the mouse for comfort, and it’s also suitable for RTS games.

In FPS games though, mouse movement speed and reaction time is important, so the claw grip removes some of the weight of your whole palm resting on the mouse, and makes movements much faster and smoother. Try to play Krunker .io, an online FPS game, using the different mouse grips to quickly see the difference it makes in aiming accuracy and reaction times.

The fingertip grip removes your palm entirely from the mouse, holding and moving it only with your fingertips. It offers maximum movement speed, but can be very difficult to master.

For FPS gaming, get yourself a claw grip mouse, such as the Razer DeathAdder V2, but you can also train yourself on the fingertip grip style using a claw grip mouse.

Reduce graphics settings for performance and visibility

One of the most common tricks in FPS games is ironically to lower your graphic settings, and it  actually has a dual purpose.

Number one, obviously when you lower your graphic settings, you’re going to get more frames per second. More frames per second means smoother gameplay and less game stuttering, so having the highest FPS possible will make it a lot easier to aim and react to what’s happening on the screen.

This mostly applies to AAA games with demanding hardware requirements, but gamers with less powerful computers can find plenty of awesome io games on CrazyGames that are just as fun and competitive.

The second reason, lower graphics can make enemies more visible on certain map types. For example an outdoors map with a lot of dense trees and lush foliage on high graphics settings? A lot of that dense foliage gets removed on lower graphics settings, which means players hiding in the bushes are suddenly a lot more visible to you.

This is very common in the competitive scene, and some players even tweak their graphics at the hardware level to display horrible graphics quality but virtually no trees or bushes for maximum visibility.

Focus on your crosshair placement

A very important strategy for making sure you can always hit enemies is proper crosshair placement. Novice players tend to move their crosshairs around alot, searching for enemies to shoot at, while you’ll notice pros generally keep their crosshairs more centered.

The reason is two-fold. Number one, you should always be aiming at critical mass, so keeping your crosshair trained on chest-level is going to give you the best hit ratio. Secondly, many guns in FPS games have strong recoil, which causes your crosshair to flicker upwards as you shoot. By aiming dead-center at chest level, you can get headshots from burst-fire guns as the recoil flicks your crosshair upward.

Practice running around a map while keeping your crosshair centered at chest-level, and leading targets into your crosshair, rather than trying to make all kinds of crazy mouse movements to aim at your enemies.

Stay out of the open areas in a map

If you study FPS map design, they’re always generally in a box shape. Gun battles get funneled into “kill zones”, which are the hot spots on the map where gunfights are most likely to happen.

FPS novices tend to run straight down the middle of the maps, hoping to get into some crazy gun fights and spray bullets everywhere like Rambo. Don’t be a Rambo!

A more pro strategy is to stick to the outer edges of the map while aiming towards the map center where a lot of the novice players are going to be funneled, but you should also be constantly moving.

A good technique is known as “wall hugging”, where you stay close to the map walls as you move, which makes you a less visible target and gives you the advantage of shooting at people out in the open, and quickly escaping around corners.

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