Quirky Online Sport Games for Smartphones

You’ve watched the big game, you’ve listened to the post-match interviews and you’ve clicked the “heart” on the players’ Instagram posts. Then you’ve thrown a few touchdown passes in Madden NFL and slam dunked your way to victory in NBA 2K20. But it’s not enough.

You need more than The Bleacher Report’s morning notifications to satisfy that thirst. Thankfully, there are a growing number of quirky online sports games for iOS and Android devices that capture our imaginations with an alternative way of playing.

Oil Wrestling

You never thought you’d swap Mortal Kombat for two oiled-up wrestlers – but you will with this addictive game from RHM Interactive. A one-on-one battle between you and a friend, or you and the computer, Oil Wrestling is both funny and hugely competitive.

Score! Hero

Score! Hero uniquely captures both the excitement of soccer games like the FIFA franchise with the strategy of manager-style platforms by tasking you to build a player rather than a team. When in-play, you have control of what the player does, making decisions about whether to pass or shoot, for instance. It provides a different take on two very popular genres of sports gaming.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Sporting Legends

Inspired by snooker ace Ronnie O’Sullivan, this slots game, which sees players work through five tournament stages in order to win cash prizes, is popular at casino online platform William Hill. A 25-line slot with five reels, the game captures the essence of the sport in a unique gaming environment featuring, for example, a clever take on snooker’s iconic 147 maximum break.

Bocce 3D

It’s time for a game of bocce. What’s bocce, I hear you ask? It’s a game from the boules family. Professionally, its closest rival is British bowls or the winter game of curling, but it is Italian in origin. Stylish design gives this release from Giraffe an immersive aesthetic as you try to score points by throwing a ball as close as you can to the “jack.”

Punch Club

Are you a fan of MMA? This alternative take on fighting games sees you tasked to train your own mixed martial artist. As well as making sure your athlete is ready for a match, you have to take care of their lives outside the octagon including who they socialize with, the work they do, the friendships they make, and the trials and tribulations of stardom.

Gravity Soccer

Gravity Soccer actually has very little to do with the real-life game apart from that you’re trying to control a soccer ball. This simple but hugely entertaining release from Qky tasks you to create the path – passing boulders, bouncing off springs, and rolling down ramps – for a soccer ball to score a goal. It’s all about having the foresight to manage your strategy as conquering the easy early levels leads you into some tough challenges which really test your puzzle-solving skills.


Soccer goes back to medieval times in this retro-styled iOS and Android game that’s fast-paced and very, very silly. It’s all about kicking the “fool” around to please the king, avoiding obstacles and trying not to break the chandelier. There’s a local multiplayer mode for extra fun with friends while the single player mode sees you tackle ten increasingly difficult rounds. If you like crazy alternatives like Cannon Man, Bumper Ball or anything from the mind of Colin Lane, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

After you’ve mastered the popular mobile games like NBA Live, MLB 9 Innings and Hockey All Stars, and you’ve digested the latest Bleacher Report, this selection of quirky alternatives might not just fill the time between the next “big game” but become your go-to favorite.

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