How to Achieve Scalable Marketing Growth in Uncertain Times

Scalable marketing models are an integral part of having an adaptive business strategy that can weather all storms. 2020 is halfway through and we have globally been in one of the most challenging times in the history of ever. Now, more than ever, is the time to pivot your perceptions to match your company’s current reality.

Today’s digital transformation touches on all business processes but perhaps most especially on marketing. The constant need to stay relevant in an ever-changing business and fiscal environment can put a lot of pressure on resources and strain on your talent pool. Growth, adaptability and achieving scalability requires insight into your current marketing efforts. There is an age-old adage of “the devil being in the detail” but, trust me folks, it is in the data. Data is everything in our current digital age and it is imperative in plotting and planning for your scalable marketing road ahead.

Gather your data from analytics, reviews, customer feedback, overall customer sentiment and surveys. Customers leave online breadcrumbs that that give you direct insight into what they want. Companies are slowly realising that with today’s digital transformation there is an emphasis on the need for scalability. Businesses are removing the capacity constraints and looking outside of the corporate box, they are doing things like partnering with brands they have come to know and love and encouraging them to play a larger role in their business. Scalability contributes to greater competitiveness, improves reputation and overall efficiency of your business.

With the biggest growth potential, small businesses should be particularly focused on scalability to maximize their return with resources. Today’s connected customer has a wealth of knowledge and information at their fingertips, because of this it is more important than ever to expand on customer acquisition and retention. The modern customer has never had higher expectations of a business, finding a product or service faster, cheaper, and more conveniently is just a few clicks away. To stand out to these customers who are inundated with digital information daily, your company can cut through the digital noise and grab your potential customers’ attention by employing a franchise marketing agency.

Whilst we cannot be sure of what the rest of this year has in store for us, staying relevant now more than ever relies on partly being disruptive and mostly on using your data to your advantage. When I say being disruptive, I am talking about breaking out of the box, shaking the norms, and truly standing out from your competitors. You might not have the cheapest product or service, the best quality, or even the fastest service but what you can have is a customer experience that is unique to your company. Scale your marketing efforts and target your customers in fresh and exciting ways. Build an omnichannel brand, pay attention to each step of your customers’ experience and fine-tune your strategies around this data analysis. Find your new edge, capture your customers’ undivided attention, differentiate yourself from your competitors and enhance your overall customer experience for the best results in marketing scalability.

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