5 Simple Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number

Are you sick of calling your teenage son, again and again, to find out when he will return to home? Do you have a gut feeling that your spouse is lying about all those meetings and day-out with colleagues?

 If yes, then it’s the time that you should take the matter into your hand and get the live location details without any twist and turns. Yes, you can do it with the help of a feature-rich cell phone location tracking app.

Today, we’re going to tell you about such five apps that are your best ally.

#1 – Spyier

Tracking a cell phone’s location using a phone number seemed an impossible task. But, Spyier has made this impossible task not only possible but has removed all sorts of hassles and risks by offering you jailbreak/rooting free operations.

Millions across the globe, leading world media houses, and numerous positive review of Spyier all over the internet have declared it the location tracking app of the century. It works in such a perfect manner that those who have tried it consider themselves lucky to have it.

So now, what are you waiting for? Start using your lucky charm-Spyier. Here is how it succeeds in offering you the best-of-the-breed location tracking facility.

One-of-its-kind location tracking facility

Gone those days when you need to become someone’s shadow to find the exact location.

Now, we have Spyier that can help you find out the live location while you stay miles away from the targeted person. It comes with an inventive spying technology that is free from jailbreak/rooting.

It also denies big time to follow the old practice of saving data on the server while tracking location details online. This way it prevents any unwanted exposure of your crucial information.

Spyier has been designed in such a perfect manner that you can use it for iOS and Android platforms without any glitches.

It never leaves you in the lurch

No matter what, Spyier will never leave your hand and stay by your side throughout the journey. For instance:

  • You don’t have any prior knowledge in tracking, Spyier offers you a user-friendly interface, interactive dashboard, and straightforward set-up facility.
  • You’re afraid of getting caught in the act, Spyier comes with stealth mode and web-based interface and saves you.
  • You don’t have a lot of money to spend on tracking someone’s location. Spyier offers you a pocket-friendly subscription. You can track someone’s location for one month at a mere cost of $10.

Accurate and real-time tracking

When we use Spyier to track a cell phone location by number, we talk about accuracy and speed. If your target is moving constantly then real-time location tracking, with other options, can be erroneous at some point in time.

But, with Spyier, this is not going to happen. It fetches the data with full accuracy. You will have accurate GPS coordinates of the location, get Wi-Fi-based location details, and data with timestamps.

#2 – Minspy

The way Minspy assists you in tracking someone’s live location is commendable and 100% risk-free. When you have Minspy by your side, you can be sure of a few things like:

You are always on a safer side

Minspy never tries anything that can create problems for you. As it offers you jailbreak/rooting-free operations, you will never do anything that can create a problem for you. Also, it doesn’t follow the sheep-herd and save your data on its server.

You will never have fears about getting caught in the act

 No matter how desperate you are to find out someone’s live location, you will never like to get caught in the act. This is why Minspy offers you a web-based interface and stealth mode facility.

#3 – Spyine

Up next is Spyine which is a feature-rich location tracking app that is capable of assisting you in other 35 phone activities. So, you can easily conclude that it’s indeed the best investment that you can ever make.

Spyine is here to make things better for you

Location tracking can give your sweaty palm if you have no prior experience and lacks appropriate knowledge. But, if you have chosen Spyine then this will be no longer an issue.

Spyine comes with a user-friendly interface, keeps jailbreak/rooting at bay, and works most straightforwardly.

#4 – Spyic

Spyic, a cut-above location tracking spy app, is here to offer you one of the easiest yet effective ways to find out the Wi-Fi and live location coordinates without any glitches.

Though its assistance is so detailed and up-to-the-minute, Spyic never involves anything tedious and risky and this makes it special.

Choice of millions

Millions across the globe have already shown trust in it and it never disappoints anyone. Because:

  • It shuns jailbreak/rooting and works without having your data on its server.
  • It fetches data with full consistency and reliability. There are no loopholes and delays are involved in its operations.
  • Using it is a cakewalk. You don’t have to be a hacking expert to get started with this. All of its features and operations are so simple and easy that any greenhorn can handle them with full perfection.

# 5- Neatspy

Ending the article with Neatspy would be the best thing that we can do, as Neatspy is a blessing in disguise for all those who thought:

  • Finding the exact location is next-to-impossible as it changes frequently.
  • They have to spend a lot of money to make this work.
  • The way-out would be a tricky one like jailbreak/rooting and can create troubles for you.

But, with Neatspy, none of the above is going to happen in reality. Neatspy is a location tracking spy app that works without all these hassles. Its inventive location tracking technology is free from all these flaws and issues.

Million-dollar advice

Your loved ones can tell you lie about their whereabouts and location without knowing the veracity damage that it can cause. While they don’t understand this, you can’t afford to invite any unwanted hassles.

If they are not telling you the truth, you can find it out on your own with the help of location tracking spy apps.

Our first option, Spyier is truly one-of-its-kind and can be used to without having any qualms. Other options that we’ve discussed here are also considered worthy and help you throughout.

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