Smart Recording Now Possible With The Screen Recorder For PC

Do you want to film your screen easily and without losing quality during recording? Whether to create demonstrations, video tutorials for your friends, relatives or customers, there is always a reason and sometimes several to film the screen of his computer. Movavi screen recorder for PC allows you to record, edit, record or burn to a disc.

Screen Recorder For PC

This program is simple to use, easy to learn and fast in its execution compared to other programs.

The work will take place in two stages after installation, the first step is the screenshot (and webcam if you want) in full or by specifying a specific area then we go to the editing part of the recording and then export the video according to the desired format. In short, here are the highlights of Movavi Screen Capture:

Simple to use Intuitive and powerful interface Dedicated for professionals

You can download Movavi screen recorder by going to the publisher’s official website:  Click Here

Once downloaded, double-click on the executable program to begin the installation of the program. Choose “English” as the installation language and click “OK “.

  • Click “Next “.
  • Check “I accept the terms of the license agreement “and click “Next “.
  • Choose a destination folder, and then click “Next.”
  • Click “Finish” to launch the program, you can also start the application every time you start your machine.

First you will need to position and resize the capture area, there are several predefined sizes otherwise you can enter the exact size for both axes. You can obviously capture the entire screen, choose the maximum dimensions, like 1920 × 1080.

If you have a webcam you can include it in the capture, you can change the webcam active, the resolution, the frame rate and the position in the options of the program> Webcam.

Before you start recording, be sure you have selected the microphone you want to use. To do this, simply click on the arrow next to “Microphone” in the settings panel. Do not forget to check that your microphone is working.

After having specified the recording parameters, you only have to record your video, to do this click on the “REC” button. There are keyboard shortcuts, here they are:

  • F9 to pause or resume recording
  • F10 to finish it
  • F8 to take a screenshot during the recording

On mac, use the ⌥+ ⌘+ 1or 2or keys 3 respectively It is best to learn keyboard shortcuts and use them to avoid panic at the time of recording, remember to press FNif you use a laptop which is usually the case.

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