Sony A5100 Vlogging Camera Review 2018

The Sony a5100 16-50mm Mirrorless Digital Camera is one of the best vlogging camera available in the market today. It has a compact design that fits in to your pocket, handbag or pulse perfectly.
It has been designed to take photos during the day or night even in areas that have low light. You can choose the photo taking profile that best suits your personal tastes and preferences.

Some of the distinct featured include

– 24.3 MP(mega pixels)
– Built-in flash
– 1080P and 720P simultaneous video recording
– NFC capabilities
– WI-FI connectivity with ability to download apps
– 3 Inch LCD screen (Flip-up)
– Continuous shooting ()
– Long lasting battery
– Fast & accurate auto focus
– Smooth video


The textured finish on the right hand ensures that you get a good hold of the camera and therefore it’s not likely to fall while you are holding it or during a photo shoot. In addition, it has a touch screen making it easy to navigate and select your choices.
The camera has a long battery life that can take many photos and thus can be used while you are away from civilization during hiking, camping or expeditions.
This camera has been loaded loaded with a special CMOS sensor which gives it the ability to reproduce photos with distinctive rich details. This simply means that the photos are of high quality.


The only drawback with this camera is the fact that you cannot use it with an external flash or microphone check out vloggerly for more vlogging cameras and the fact that some of the settings are “hidden” in the menus. This makes it hard for novice users, especially first timers.
I personally like the Sony a5100 16-50mm Mirrorless Digital Camera because, it produces high quality photos and videos even in places with low light especially during the night.
In addition, its price is pocket friendly and the camera has been designed to fit well in the palm of your hands during a photo shoot. Needless to say that you can share the high resolution photos or videos recorded instantly, without, downloading them to a computer or another device.
This is made possible by the Wi-Fi and NFC connections. As a matter of fact you can use Wi-Fi from a smartphone and share photos with family, workmates and friends even when you are in the bush having fun. For this reason, this is considered as one of the best vlogging camera available in the market today.

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