Top 12 Stores Like Urban Outfitters For Trendy Clothes [2021]

In present time every men and woman want to look fashionable Because of that stores like urban outfitters came into the trend.

In my social friend list, many girls and boys want me to write a brief passage of information about these online stores similar to outfitters.

Urban Fitters is a known brand for its fashionable clothing and accessories. After the lots of requests, I start to use these online stores and categorize them into their categories according to product availability and pricing. In this journey of a month, I got lots of data that is sufficient in my opinion to share with you guys.

stores like urban outfitters

So, read this complete article that does not take much time to reach these stores like urban outfitters for guys and others without doing any research.

Why You need Stores Like Urban Outfitters

So, I know your answer, but there is some other point of views also exist for many people. I think before starting something you need a base so in the next paragraph of info I talk about some terms that matter with these online fashion stores like urban outfitters.

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Clothing is an item or fabric which is sewn together to cover the part of human body. The style practice of fashion can be of any type, like in footwear, accessories, makeup, body products, hairstyle or something else.

We the humans are the only people who wear clothes, and we are the people who design it. You always prefer to wear those clothes which are different from others and which look classy.

So for this purpose, we have to link up with the fashion industry and should be updated regularly with the trending fashion. The online stores solve this purpose. The online store such as Urban Outfitters is very much famous in this field.It is American multinational clothing who’s owner is Richard Hayne.

The store deals in clothing, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and all type of outfits. Today we are discussing 12 such online stores which are similar to Urban Outfitters.

Stores Like Urban Outfitters

1.) Need Supply Co.

This store is My First, and prime choice for stores like urban outfitters. Need supply started selling clothing in 1996, and expanded offerings to include men and women clothing and accessories. In 2008 it started dealing its clothes with its web store.

This store is mainly the mix of very well known brands and well-known designers clothing and accessories from the US and abroad. The company aims to meet the demand of their customers.

2.) ThreadSence

If you are a lover of trendy fashion, then this store is for you only.

ThreadSence is the store which contains very few brands. The primary specialty of the store is its shoe collection. It offers free shipping for items over $75, and the price ranging from this is store is $9 to $350. It is part of a race of stores like urban outfitters but cheaper.

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3.) Tobi

It is my second choice in the category of urban outfitters like stores. Tobi is an online fashion store located in Los Angeles.

The primary specialty of Tobi is that they did not sell any brand, they self-design their brand and sell it globally. The principal they follow is you + Tobi = love. They are improving day by day in the fashion industry.

4.) ASOS

ASOS is a very famous online store. This store has very lot of brands in addition to the source brand, and they have a very fantastic selection of bags and shoes.

They offer free shipping over $40, and their price ranging is between $5 to $685.You can give it a chance in search of cheap stores like urban outfitters.

5.) Ruchi

Ruchi was created and design in 2008 by Mein Olivo and Josh Olivo. It is a boutique of modern women. This store mainly deals in apparel, bag, shoes, and accessories. By signing up for an account, you get 30% off on your first order.

You are eligible for free shipping when you order above $ 75. The price of item ranges between $9 to $ 192.

6.) Society 6

This online store is a perfect collection of home decors.You can buy pillows, curtains, blankets, shower, duvets, etc. , and you can put any art in these fabrics.

The store offers free shipping, and the price varies from $39 to $79. The shipping mainly depends on your size of the order. It is a reasonable choice for the list of stores like urban outfitters.

You can consider it in the box of stores like urban outfitters apartment.

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7.) Spool No. 72

This store began its journey by selling handmade clothing, boots, jewelry in a local farmers market. When the spool had a large number of followers, then he decided to open its first online clothing company in 2008. It is operational headquarter is in Ellensburg.

It sells out very quickly, but they restocked the legendary items regularly. The company offers free shipping on orders above 150 dollars. The price range is between $12 to $82.

stores like urban outfitters

8.) Reformation

Reformation is an American brand company. Yael Aflalo is the founder of Reformation company. This company has a rack of garments in all sizes. The store has an exquisite collection of floral patterns. The specialty of the store is that it make environment-friendly clothes.

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It offers free shipping and the item range from $28 to 498 dollars. Reformation offers you a vast range of fashion clothes and accessories that make it a most valuable option for clothing stores like urban outfitters.

9.) BooHoo

BooHoo is a UK based online fashion store. It mainly designs the clothes of the people who are between 16 to 24 years of age. Its headquarter is in the United Kingdom and founded in 2006 by Mehmood Kamani and Carol Kane.

The store contains incredible urban outfits. The company offers free shipping over $30 and item range from $2 to $126.

10.) TopShop

TopShop is a British multinational fashion company. The company had 500+ stores worldwide out of which 300 are in the UK. They also open corporate online stores. Its headquarter is in London, and the founder of the company is Raymond Montague Burton. The company offers free shipping and price ranging is between $4 to $1,800.

If you can spend a significant amount on your clothes and fashion stuff, then please try it for your search of stores like urban outfitters.

11.) Nylon

This store is the favorite of teenagers because the price range is at its best. If you like darker pieces or the cloth which is weirder one, then this store is only for you. This company offers free shipping and item range is between $5 to $592.

12.) Dorothy Perkins

This place is the Last option in the list of offline and online stores like outfitters. The store deals in clothing, shoes and boots accessories. The clothing and shoes are available for all the age groups. It contains the classy items new trendy pieces and a great denim collection at the low price. The store offers free shipping above $50 and price ranges from $42 to $240.

Other Option For Stores Like Urban Outfitters

You can also try some stores like forever 21 for finding the best store for same purpose also.

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In my opinion, you enjoyed this journey of best alternatives of urban outfitters.

I think you also find your useful option to buy some fashionable clothes and items. Please tell me if you shop at any other stores that is a great store like urban outfitters. I can share your choice with my other readers. So, they also enjoy the shopping at your chosen place.

Now you need to share this content in your circle and let them know about the more places, where they can buy more stuff.

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