6 Surprising Ways Students Can Use Social Media While at College

Social media channels play a large role in our daily life. Most of us spend at least a few hours a day scrolling the news feed on Facebook or watching videos on YouTube.

Despite the fact that almost everyone uses such platforms, in most cases, we think of them as distractions and ways to waste time. However, people are spending most of their time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook feeds aimlessly; there are some ways to use social media to your benefit. And we are going to tell you how!

Students on Social Media: Top 6 Best Uses

How can you make the most of the time spent on social media channels while being a college student? In the list below, we have collected some of the most surprising ways.

1.   Engaging in Self-Education

This may not be too obvious, but education is by far the best use for social media channels.

Although networks like Twitter, Instagram, and similar are mostly meant for entertainment, you can be surprised by the amount of helpful information these platforms store. There are accounts that cover every possible topic. At some of them, students can find informative posts, how-tos, facts, and more.

One of the best platforms for self-education is YouTube. It is almost like a free college, where you can find educational videos on almost anything. All you need to get the most benefit of it is to find the right channels to subscribe to.

2.   Learning Languages

Knowing multiple languages is, without a doubt, great and can benefit you in many ways. College is a perfect time to learn a new language and this is another endeavor where social media can come in handy.

There are several ways to use different platforms for learning foreign languages:

  • Video lessons on YouTube.

As was already mentioned earlier, people on YouTube are willing to share pretty much any skill. And languages aren’t an exception to the rule. Watching video lessons, students can easily learn the basics of a foreign language.

  • Challenges and marathons on Instagram.

If you are an active Instagram user, you have probably noticed a big trend going around all sorts of challenges and marathons. There are marathons on fitness, wellbeing, business, and even education. Just search for the right hashtags and join in.

  • Study groups on Facebook.

Facebook is known for having a huge number of themed groups. Such groups gather same-minded people. There are some communities for those who want to learn a foreign language where people share useful lessons, videos, and other information.

  • Practice with native speakers on pretty much any network.

Finally, probably the best thing about social media is that it allows you to connect with people from all over the globe. This is an excellent opportunity to get some language practice with native speakers and hone your skills.

This is one more way students can benefit from the time they spend online.

3.   Boosting Writing Skills

Writing skills are vital for college students. It is not a secret that students are assigned with tons of academic papers that often make up the biggest part of their grades. Simply put, the overall academic performance is directly influenced by one’s ability to write high-quality papers. That’s why having strong writing skills is the key to success in college.

There are plenty of ways to hone those skills. This may surprise some of you, but being an active user of social networks is one of them. Writing posts for Instagram or Facebook on a regular basis teaches students to express their thoughts in a clear and engaging way.

But, what to do while you are not yet well-versed in writing? There is a simple solution for this case. While you are working hard to give those skills a boost, you can entrust your writing to experts from EssayPro. Get high grades and posts for the socials all in one place.

4.   Becoming More Tech-Savvy

No one will argue with the fact that technology now plays a huge role in all areas of our lives. Today, being tech-savvy is a synonym to being productive and reaching a perfect work-life (or study-life) balance. At all stages of life, technology is what helps us tackle different tasks faster and easier.

Also, being tech-savvy can really give you an edge over competitors in your future career. Therefore, these days, tech education is the key to success and how can you do that? – That’s one of the ways to use social media! Surfing through Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms, you can find a variety of informational tech reviews and tutorials.

5.   Starting a Business

Who doesn’t dream about running a successful business? This dream may be especially relevant for college students, who are often on a tight budget. Well, guess what? Social media can become a great starting point for a business!

Different platforms offer a wide range of tools for cheap and effective promotion. After all, there is a reason for businesses to invest heavily in SMM. So, this is another way to use these platforms. If you have an idea – start implementing it now!

6.   Discovering Career Opportunities

Along with posting pictures of oneself, sharing memes and funny videos, people also use platforms like Facebook or Twitter to share and discover career opportunities.

In terms of professional connections, the handiest one is definitely LinkedIn. It is a professional network that brings together entrepreneurs, CEOs, and all sorts of specialists. It’s great to connect and interact.

LinkedIn is not that type of social channel you will be hanging around casually. However, it holds a plethora of great opportunities for students concerned about starting their careers while still being in college.

Wrapping Up

Are you still wasting your time thoughtlessly scrolling the feed? Then it is just the time to change this! All the ideas mentioned above can help college students make the most benefit of their online activities. Use these tips for education and self-development to ensure your success!

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