3 Ways Technology has Made Real Money Gaming a Reality

Technology makes the world go round. Not literally, of course. However, much of the world around us is now powered by digital technology. From communication and entertainment to education and banking, the internet shapes the world we live in. With technology making so many things possible, new ideas and opportunities have opened up over the years. One such industry that’s benefited from the wave of innovation ushered in by the internet is gaming. In fact, today, the term “gaming” is broader than ever. As well as classic video games, the sector at large has everything from social media and free-play games to casino games. All now work in unison to create a multibillion-dollar industry that serves players of all persuasions. In this article, we’re going to explore how the latter came to life.

Prior to the internet, casino gaming was an offline endeavor. If someone wanted to play blackjack or slots, they had to visit a local bricks-and-mortar casino. Today, someone can power up their computer or touch their mobile screen and play. This switch has turned online gambling into a $50 billion+ industry in its own right. That makes it almost as popular as PC and console video gaming. All this has been made possible by online technology. Naturally, one of the most important aspects of casino gaming is money. Although you can play for free online, cash prizes are also part of the mix and appeal to players. To facilitate real money casino games, developers have had to embrace technology and everything it has to offer.

1#) Random Number Generators (RGNs)

You can’t offer real money casino games if they’re not fair. This is a licencing condition that all legit online casinos have to follow. Of course, random number generators (RNGs) aren’t unique to the gaming world. However, they have been used to mimic things such as the dealing processes in roulette and the spinning of a slot machine. By proving that games are fair, casino operators can legally accept real money bets. Moreover, consumers can take comfort from the fact their chances of winning will be the same online as they would be in a bricks and mortar venue.

2#) Secure Payment Methods

Using SSL encryption and recognized payment processors, casinos have made it easy to deposit and withdraw money in the virtual realm. As well as an air of confidence derived from names such as Visa and PayPal, the use of established payment companies means there’s an inherent level of protection for customers. Visa et al. are all well-known names, regulated by financial conduct agencies. When this is combined with a casino’s own security software and review protocols, customers can make payments safe in the knowledge that everything is secure.

3#) Variety and Betting Limits

The final key way real money casino games are possible is through variety and betting limits. A great example of this is online pokies, also known as online slots. When you compare digital games to their land-based counterparts, the betting limits are a lot lower. In tandem with this, there are more options inside the average online casino than there is in a bricks and mortar venue. The reason for this is that online casinos don’t have the same space and cost restrictions as the offline counterparts.

Therefore, online platforms can make their pokies and table games more accessible to the masses. By offering lower betting limits and more choice, casinos have made it possible for a broader range of people to play. This, in turn, has led to more activity.

The end result, as you’d expect, is a thriving industry where success breeds success. Operators generate more revenue, which they can then reinvest in their services. From this you get a cycle of tech-based improvements that make the experience better for everyone. That, in a nutshell, is how real money casino gaming online is not only possible but popular with more people than ever.

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