Tekmetric: Introducing an Innovative Shop Management System


Tekmetric is an automotive tech company that developed one of the most advanced shop management systems in the industry today. Its present headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, and the company is home to around 50 employees. Founded by Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel in March 2015, the idea of creating the company is to provide automotive business owners with a fast and secure system where they can customize their shop in one sitting.

True to their word, the company was able to provide world-class services to its clients, helping them to succeed in managing their automotive shop business. The auto repair software, which is exclusive to the Tekmetric shop management system, is one of the reasons why dealership and automotive shops have started working with the company. Using it would allow them to repair vehicles more accurately while improving the overall reputation of the shop.

How the Tekmetric Shop Management System Works

The Tekmetric shop management system offers a simple interface for first-time users. The tabs and applications are arranged in order, and users would never have a hard time locating each app. The user can instantly create scheduled appointments through the calendar option, and create repair estimates based on the prices of the parts used to fix the vehicle.

An extensive customer and employee profile would also help the business owner to manage their shop more effectively, checking the customer’s preferences and the employee’s details. Another plus for using the Tekmetric shop management system is its customization option, strong security features, and accessibility.

Benefit of Using Tekmetric Shop Management System

The advancement of technology helped automotive shops across the United States to repair vehicles in an instant with the help of the auto repair software. The Tekmetric shop management system offers automotive business owners with an option to run their business efficiently and provide faster services to their clients.

The auto repair software embedded in the Tekmetric shop management system makes it easier to create repair estimates, and review the schedule of the available technician who would fix the vehicle. If there are missing parts needed for the repair, the system would automatically place an order to get the part. The system can also check the inventory to verify if the part needed is in stock. All of this can be performed in a press of a button.

The software would provide a lot of convenience to the customer, and through the portal, they could check for all of the repairs performed on the vehicle. The vehicle history can be displayed and accessed using the system, making it easier to identify what other problems might occur.

Customers would no longer need to wait for a whole day to have the vehicle fixed because everything has been arranged by the system. After the repairs have been performed, the system can also send an email to the customer, summarizing how the repair went. This is an important document, especially if the customer would like t to have the repairs covered under their insurance program.


If you are an owner of an automotive shop and you are looking for a shop management system, Tekmetric would work best for you. The system’s auto repair software managed to bring positive reviews to automotive shops, and it helped these businesses grew. If you wanted to work with Tekmetric to improve your services, you can connect with them through their website, or send an email to try out their products.

Business owners who have registered in 2018 received the system and its updates for free, and the company will also provide other promotions to those who would like to install the system into their shops this year.

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