The Best Landing Page Builder Tools

In online marketing, a landing page is a very important concept. It gets displayed in turn to a search engine optimized search result, a marketing promotion, marketing email, etc. It is also called a static page, lead capture page, or destination page. Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon has provided you with various landing page designs and provide SEO high value-for-cost SEO services.

Landing page creation can be created using the steps shown below:

  • Choose a template
  • Get it tuned to your mobile landing page layout
  • Get your landing page settings configured
  • Set up your landing page URL
  • Add scripts for landing and tracking
  • Integrate it with your marketing toolset
  • Preview and publish

A landing page builder helps you to create effective and easy landing pages that help you to grow your conversions. Landing page builder allows you to pick from existing and tested templates and that is effective to convert visitors. Landing page builders has the following features:

  • Smooth and Intuitive
  • Provides many templates
  • Provides you full control and are flexible
  • Has many integrations
  • Are mobile-responsive

There are many landing page builders free that are available. The following mentions the best landing page builder apps.

  • Google Sites – This landing page builder is ideal to create free landing pages using forms. You can get the latest version of this app from sites. Google.com/new and then hit on the + button that is seen in the bottom corner. This takes you to a basic Google Forms site that looks like a Google Forms page. You should be able to customize the site’s colour and text but cannot change the main style. All the pages have a large header having your page title and background colour or image followed by themes. A few other features of this tool are a drag in sections for images, text, or upload files, add Google document, slide presentation, etc.
  • Launchaco – This tool helps to launch a landing page in five minutes. If you want to create a landing page in the fastest way, it is ideal to use the Launchaco app. You can create a full-page in five minutes. It is ideal for building a start-up website. Its features are:
    1. Let you download the full site to host it on your server
    2. Include Google Analytics to your page in case you require monitoring your site’s traffic

To start with:

              Click on the ‘Create Your Website’ seen on their website.

              Enter your product’s name

              Choose a colour and typeface scheme

Then you are done with your landing page.

  • Carrd – This tool is ideal to build customized landing pages faster. In case you need to create a page in a hurry and customize things, Carrd tool is the best and fastest landing page builder. You could do this using the steps below:
    1. Choose a template site
    2. Start editing
    3. Create an account when you are prepared to publish the site
    4. Make use of editing tools
    5. Click the image block to upload a new image, add alt text and attach the link.

The free version of Carrd is great in case you want to build a landing page using a button to make visitors visit somewhere else, maybe to an app store to purchase the product.

  • MailChimp Landing Pages – This tool is ideal to get email newsletter signups. This is like an email app. The main feature of this landing page is its form that is designed specifically to add new contacts to a mailing list. This landing page builder is one of the best landing page options if you are planning to send emails to your new contacts. You can make use of this MailChimp using the following steps:
    1. Create a new campaign or open an existing one in MailChimp
    2. Choose the option ‘Create Landing Page’
    3. Click on the page to edit
    4. Click on ‘Save & Close’

Each page has a form that gathers subscribers for your MailChimp campaign. Once your page is done, MailChimp would suggest you add an auto email to send a message to people who sign on your site.

  • KickoffLabs – This tool is not just to launch something, but it is a campaign where you will build a page, get more leads, signup, add visitors to your email list to relate to. In this tool, you will perform the following steps:
    1. Create a campaign having a specific goal
    2. Pick ways to gather leads – either by pop-up or form
    3. Create a landing page

When someone signs up, they will be on your list.

  • Unbounce – This tool is landing pages photoshop and good to tweak and optimize the landing pages. Its interface has a dark design, use the left toolbar to select the items to add to your page, and the right toolbar for editing to customize the options. You can double click on the landing page design to edit and to customize it. You can make use of this tool using the following steps:
    1. Drag an item to your page to a new place
    2. Gridlines will help to position the item correctly

You can tweak many things here and customize all graphics and text. Make use of Unbounce’s A/B testing tool to test the variations of your page. This is available in the ‘Variant’ menu that is seen in the top toolbar.

  • Wix – This tool is ideal to create landing pages where you need to add more pages. The main feature of Wix is to create websites without any code. Wix’s landing page themes, helps you to create a one-page site. You can use this tool using the following steps:
    1. Choose the template you require
    2. Click on the Edit button
    3. Sign up and then start editing your new site

The Wix website editor helps to update text, format, add new items, etc easily. You can also add a blot or any third-party app to your page that might help your website to grow.

  • Leadpages – This tool helps to advertise and sell products on a landing page. Leadpages helps your visitors to learn about the product and buy the product from one place. You start using it by selecting the template and clicking anything on the landing page design. The main features available are widgets, page options on the left side bar where you can add images, videos, etc. You can also customize your page’s Google Analytics form the ‘Page Tracking’ tab. Once you are done with publishing your site, this tool provides a provision to share it with a Facebook ad to promote your new page.
  • Instapage – This tool is good to create any landing page design with your team. You will be able to customize many items in Instapage templates by clicking on them, adding the text you require to the page and using tools to tweak them. You can add extra items to the page with the available menus.
  • Wishpond – This landing page builder is an ideal way to build pages, but it takes a bit longer than other tools. This is because you will need to customize your design to suit tablet, phone, and desktop.


The above are a few landing page creation tools that help to create landing pages. Choose among them that best suit your requirements for your website. There are many available landing pages builder tools, but these are the commonly used ones. A few other landing page builders that you could consider are Snappykit, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Marketo, etc.

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