The Importance of Team Building for Entrepreneurs

Although entrepreneurs are often viewed as lone wolves, the truth is, most need to surround themselves with a strong team to be successful. According to, teams provide answers and are the cheapest solution available to the entrepreneur. When people with a variety of skills come together on a single objective, the results can be spectacular, says training consultant Trilok Nath Gupta.

Here are a few tips on building teams:


 When building a team, you need to find individuals who are passionate about their work. Experience is important, but without a burning desire to make things happen, innovation can suffer. Focus on people who share the same passion as you about your mission.

 Work Style

 In addition to including people with varied work skills, look for those with varied work styles and diverse backgrounds that compliment you and your team. You’ll need to put some thought into this, but diversity in your team tends to produce the best thinking as well as the fastest pace of innovation.


Be honest when your team is successful and when you’ve made mistakes. Honesty builds trust, and that is essential for any team.


Make sure that the overall goals of the company trickle down to your team. When the company succeeds, make sure that the team feel that success. You’ll get more out of your team if every member feels that they are making a valuable contribution to the business’s overall results.


It’s important to truly value your workers, as they will, in turn, increase the worth of your business, says Newfoundland entrepreneur Glen McKay. Fostering a team spirit is also important, adds McKay, who is the co-founder of Newfoundland Hard-Rok Inc. and Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc., two successful companies working in the mining industry.


 Be prepared for change, as it is a natural and healthy component of any work environment. Just as your company changes as it grows, the skills and talent that you need on your team will need to evolve to support that change. Some members of your team will be able to grow with the company, adding to their existing skills. Others won’t be able to make that shift and will have to move on. Take such changes as opportunities to re-assess your team as you figure out what you need to drive the next phase of growth.

Entrepreneurs are solution seekers, always looking to move forward on their ambitious plans. But without support, even the most talented entrepreneur will have difficulty reaching goals. However, build a strong team and your job becomes that much easier. Use the above tips to help assemble the best team possible and you’ll likely see quick results.

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