The Things About Laptops

Everyone has a certain understanding of the parameters of laptop laptops. However, understanding alone is not enough. We need to have a closer and deeper understanding of the things behind the parameters. This article has sorted out several important points. Let it introduce them one by one.

Screen Quality of Laptops:

The quality of the screen mainly depends on the color gamut of the screen. Most color gamut on the market now are 45%, 72% and 100%. The one with more color gamut are the better one. Better color gamut will present the more real color of items on the screen. 45% is low color gamut. The market has eliminated screens of this kind. There are more and more screens with color gamut up 72%. Their prices are almost the same. Therefore, choose a high color gamut. It is good for your eyes.

i5 and i7, R5 and R7:

The performance gap between the R5 and R7 processors of the AMD Ryzen 3000 series is not large. I mean, no matter under low voltage or standard voltage. In general case, people will recommend the R5 of AMD. The new AMD 4000 series processors are much better the third generation. In some aspects, they surpass Intel’s processors at the same price. You can choose any of the models.

I5 and i7: It’s better not to buy the laptop with a processor model of i7-10510U/i7-8565U. Just buy the one of i5 version. Want a high-profile version of 16 G of memory or more? Then buy the i7 version. I7-10510U performs less 10% better than I5-10210U. The cost performance is not high.

The 11th Generation Core Low Voltage Processor and MX450 Display Alone:

The 11th Generation Core Low Voltage Processor has two main improvements. They are single-core performance and centralized display performance. Single-core performance is already comparable to the i9 of desktops. The performance of the mid-range model i5 is the same with that of the MX350. However, the multi-core performance is different from the AMD4000 series processor. I mean, when at the same price. After all, it has 4 cores and 8 threads. Choose depends on your needs.

On the Expansion and Running Memory of Laptops:

Good expansibility means that laptop has multiple memory slots and hard disk bits. Users who need them can upgrade at after-sales points. At present, the vast majority of laptops come standard with 8G of memory. For example, if you buy HONOR laptops, the whole system comes standard with 8G of memory. If you have sufficient funds, you can choose 16G.

Performance Release and Heat Dissipation of Laptops:

Performance release refers to the degree to the release of configuration performance on the laptop. A good release of performance means that better performance of the property that the laptop configuration. Then a general the performance release means that the laptop has not performed as well as the configuration should. Lighter and thinner body, lower surface temperature, lower fan noise… To achieve these, some models may weaken the performance release capability. This is quite normal

Service Life of Laptop Laptops:

In normal cases, the general service life of a laptop is about 3 to 5 years. Some people will think that the more expensive laptop has longer life span. This is not the case. The expensive laptop only offers a better user experience. However, its life span is not much different from that of cheap ones.

That is all about the parameters of laptops. I hope it help the interested consumers.

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