Tips To Buy Best WiFi Routers from the Market

Back in the time, most people preferred wired internet connection which was only capable of connecting with your personal computer. Then there comes an era of wireless WiFi connection. Just a couple of years ago, WiFi routers were only able to connect with a phone, personal computer and maybe tablet.

Now it can be connected with multiple devices with ease and proffer a satisfactory internet speed. But, even after getting wireless WiFi in the home of an office, people go through issues like a weak internet connection or weak signal’s strength. It may be because of the obstacles neglecting the strength of signals.

Now that most people rely on WiFi to get their work done, it is immensely recommended to invest in a proper WiFi which has an excellent strength of providing WiFi signals all-around your home.

With that being said, let’s take a deep dive into what are the most relevant factors to buy the best WiFi.

There are some specifications that are must if you need a reliable internet connection. There are tons of routers available in the market to choose from. Sometimes it leaves people bewildered about what to choose.

  • WiFi Standards

The very first thing you need to consider before getting WiFi installed is to check if it meets the requirement of WiFi standards. You need to check out if the WiFi standard is being used. The global standard is 802.11, it is the most common set of the wireless standards you can find in the majority of the routers.

  • Signal Strength

Make sure you verify the speed of your WiFi. You can use some free tools available on the internet to check it out. If the displayed speed matches to your speed mentioned in your package, then you’re good to go.

  • Signal Strength

The poor signal connection can lead to exceedingly frustrating experience by proffering the slow speed. Make sure the strength of your signal meets your requirements. It is measured in the dBm; it is recommended to go for at least -65 dBm if you also wish to stream HD videos and download the stuff along with the usual internet surfing. However, if you still find it annoying, you can use WiFi extenders like ‘Super Boost’ to enhance the speed and make your signal strength stronger.

A WiFi extender or booster has the ability to provide signals to each corner of your home or office easily. With the extenders like ‘Super Boost’ you will no longer come across slow loading of pages, buffering, lags, etc.

  • Security

Hackers are invading the privacy of people and making headlines consistently these days. Security is another significant factor to consider while getting a WiFi router installed. WiFi networks are not very protected. With poor security, hackers will be able to eavesdrop and grab all your private information, such as bank details, identity proof, etc. You must ensure your WiFi supports WPA2 (WiFi Protected Access 2). You need to keep this point in mind since it hails with utmost significance.

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