Tips To Streamline Delivery and Cut Shipping Costs for Your Business

Business shipping is an essential part of the modern-day business model. The logistics industry has evolved over the last decade, and companies are now using more strategies to reduce shipping costs. Up until recently, freight costs were still not that significant for businesses.


However, with the advent of online shopping, which has created a high volume of small packages that are shipped via various couriers at once, carriers have raised their rates significantly. And this has caused significant increases in freight costs. If you are looking for couriers in Cincinnati, there are  a few reputable companies to serve all your shipping requirements. Here are a few ways you can cut your shipping costs as a business.

Negotiate Shipping Rates with Carriers

There are several ways to save money on shipping. Some of the best ways are to negotiate lower rates with carriers, choose a cheaper shipping method or use less packaging. One of the best ways to save money on shipping is negotiation. It is not easy, but it can be done by asking for a discount.


There are also different options when it comes to negotiating – asking for a better rate, using another service or requesting a free shipment. The key is knowing how you can ask for what you want and how you would like your request answered to get the most out of your negotiation.

Size Your Packaging to Precise Product Dimensions

Manufacturers ship their products around the world to meet the demands of their customers. They find it difficult to determine the exact dimensions of certain products so they often order packaging that can be altered slightly. Believe it or not, even Apple has struggled with this before- you can see this in photographs of Apple boxes from 1984 which are too small for today’s items.


The good news is that many companies are now using technology to create more precise measurements for your boxes, which means fewer mistakes and less time wasted on getting your packages

Explore Third Party Shipping Insurance

Third party shipping insurance is a type of insurance often taken out by businesses to cover the costs of shipments. In many cases, this insurance is taken out because the cost of ensuring a shipment ends up being cheaper than the cost of losing it or damaging it. These types of insurance policies generally take two forms: a fixed price policy and a percentage-of-loss policy.


The fixed price policy will cover all losses up to a certain amount, while the percentage-of-loss policy will only pay after a certain amount has been lost. It’s important for businesses to explore third party shipping insurance as soon as possible as even small amounts can quickly add up and make sense as an investment in your business’s future

Include Shipping Costs in the Upfront Price

In this day and age, it is important that business owners have a clear idea of how much they need to charge for the products they are selling. To avoid confusion and get a more accurate estimation, business owners should include shipping costs in their upfront price. Including shipping costs in the upfront price gives customers a clear idea of what they will have to pay for their purchases has been an important trend in e-commerce for some time now.


One-way businesses can make sure that customers know exactly what they will be paying is by including shipping costs in the upfront price of products. Including shipping costs in your pricing strategy can help you avoid confusion from customers who might not realize that there are two different prices on your site – one without any shipping cost and another with a set



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