Top 5 SMS receiving services to register an account on Facebook

A lot of websites and media platforms ask their users to provide a phone number when registering. They send you a confirmation code via SMS, but this form of registration is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. If it’s about you, you can use online services that offer free or paid virtual phone numbers.


If you need to register for an additional Facebook account, click the country you need and Facebook social media on the menu list. After filling out the registration form on Facebook, you’ll receive a confirmation code in your account on the onlineSIM website. Then you’ll need to copy that code to Facebook. That’s it, registration of an additional Facebook page is completed.

This service allows users to get an SMS from mobile carriers of 20 countries. offers virtual numbers for account activations via SMS. So, you can receive an SMS message to a virtual phone number. This is an alternative to a physical SIM card, so you won’t need to buy an additional one. A massive number of phone numbers available is an essential benefit of onlineSIM.

You get exclusive phone numbers since once you receive an SMS message to your number, other people will not see that message from a particular website.

There are freephone numbers available for one-time use. All phones are updated daily.

OnlineSIM is a reliable service that guarantees to receive SMS messages.


This web service’s distinguishing feature is that it provides you with Estonian phone numbers; the country code is +372. You can use these phone numbers for various servers, including Google and Facebook. SMS confirmation numbers are sent in a matter of seconds. The website also has a tool for confirming registration via voice call feature.


This online service has about 30 phone numbers to choose from, but they come from two countries only, namely the USA and Canada. But tests confirmed these numbers to work fine for registration purposes.


If you want to test it, you’ll have to register to get a free trial period. By the way, when registering, you’ll have to provide your real phone number. By default, after registration, they give you an American phone number, but you can select other countries. An American number costs less than $0.008.


This company offers 70 phone numbers from 14 countries, including the USA, France, and the UK. Though sometimes you’ll have to wait for about 30 minutes to get a message. The results of tests made show that it takes more than a few minutes to receive a message on average.

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