Top 10 Antiviruses You can Use in 2020

Today, the choice of a reliable antivirus is the top priority for any user, because what can protect your computer better than a full-fledged comprehensive solution aimed at data security and stable operation? Hence, no matter if you seek an upscale antivirus for Mac or Windows, you have to choose the most dependable one.

An antivirus is a specialized software designed to detect, prevent, remove, and neutralize malicious applications or programs. It represents the most crucial element of protecting your device from the “infection,” but you also must remember to update the components and operating system that you use regularly. For the present, topnotch virus protection software blocks not only viruses but also other types of malware that may be part of the threat. Protecting your personal files from ransomware is also vital, as vulnerabilities in your operating system may lead to the capture of user data. Modern cybercriminals do not have to be professional hackers, since the users themselves may unknowingly purchase or download infected software from the network.

Our review is dedicated to the best antivirus programs that will present you with all the necessary tools to protect against trojans and other viruses, prevent the infection of your computer, block malicious websites, and will not overload the system.

1#) Top 7 Best Free Antivirus Software In 2020

A high-end virus protection software doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg, and the programs listed below are the best proof of that. Webroot Vs Avast

1. Avast Free Antivirus

Rarely does a free product provide full protection for your computer, and Avast is one of these pleasant exceptions. Simple and concise interface, the presence of a game mode, comprehensive protection for the average user – it is not surprising that Avast is positioned as the top-rated free antivirus. There is an extended paid version if you want even better security for your device.

2. AVG AntiVirus FREE

Deep integration into the operating system allows this virus protection program to prevent malicious files from entering the system. AVG antivirus software does not slow down your computer. Useful features, such as scheduled scanning, are hidden under the simple layout. No wonder AVG is regarded as one of the most reliable antiviruses. The free version is enough to protect your PC at all levels.

3. 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is high-quality but “heavyweight” antivirus that is recommended to install on computers with above-average hardware. This virus scanner lives up to its name and protects in all directions. In 360 Total Security, additional tools are rather standard. The peculiarity of the program consists of five separate engines that provide complete security.

4. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Many PC owners know the name of this antivirus software well. However, its free version does not offer the same functionality as Avast, AVG, or 360 Total Security. The paid version is too cumbersome and rarely suitable for ordinary users. Kaspersky’s virus scanner is usually used in enterprises, as there are more favorable offers for personal computers and laptops. Yet, among professional software, Kaspersky is considered one of the top-quality antiviruses.

5. Panda Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus represents an aggressive antivirus program that destroys any threat. Sometimes this approach causes problems, but you have to pay for a complete set of security tools. It is recommended to use the full version of Panda Antivirus if you have the opportunity. You can try it out for 30 days of free operation. The users can adjust each mechanism for themselves to work with this antivirus application comfortably.

6. Avira Free

Avira is best able to fight “polymorphic” viruses that disguise themselves as ordinary software. Another feature is the VPN plug-in. Avira virus protection program is best suited for users with an average level of PC knowledge.

7. ComodoAntiVirus

ComodoAntiVirus is a good option with a deep configuration that is available for the user on the stage of the program installation. A set of standard protection tools, a decent free version, and simplicity of use allowed Comodo antivirus software to gain a foothold in the list of the top-rated virus scanners.

2#) Top 3 Best Paid Antivirus Programs In 2020

When you choose paid antivirus software, the picture changes significantly compared to the use of free versions. By using the paid variant of their favorite virus protection programs, the user gets access to additional features that help secure their computer from all threats. Now, let’s take a look at the top three paid antivirus programs to use in 2020.

1. Norton Security Deluxe

This software provides comprehensive protection for almost any device. Norton Security Deluxe antivirus received the AV-TEST Award 2015 for the best security and speed of threat detection.

2. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection represents an excellent antivirus program for protecting personal and confidential data, suitable for all types of PC and Mac devices, smartphones, and tablets — all under one subscription.

3. BitDefender Premium Security

In recent years, BitDefender Premium Security has gained more and more popularity. The antivirus itself provides proper protection against viruses and malware, while not overloading the system. The price of the Premium version is well above the average, so the BitDefender Internet Security package will be another good option.

You can find more information on each virus protection software on the official website of MacPaw. Undoubtedly, there are many other great antivirus programs, which you can take advantage of and secure your devices from potential threats.

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