Top 6 Streaming Devices

Watching TV is one of the most comforting things you can do to kill time, watching TV with set up box is great, I mean it is better than what we had years ago but the only set back is that we have to tune in on time, we cannot watch anything which is not on TV. As to solve these people use streaming devices all over the world and it actually is better than watching TV with set up box you don’t even have to tune in on time and you can watch anything at any time. You can watch videos on YouTube, movies on Netflix, etc. And it is the perfect thing to invest in if you love watching TV and binging TV shows. But you need to understand what options are available in the market because it seriously gets so confusing when you discover how many companies are selling the same product with slight differences. But don’t worry we have got your backs. Here is a list of the top streaming devices you can consider before buying your streaming device.

1#) Amazon firestick

Amazon firestick is a popular option and a lot of people are impressed by its performance and efficiency. With its efficient voice control, it has made a special place in everybody’s heart. It has a simple and attractive interface, popular apps, the capacity to stream HDR, and 4K content and it also supports Dolby audio. Amazon firestick comes with open system software which means you can easily download third-party apps.

2#) Roku streaming stick

Roku streaming stick is the most popular streaming device out there with millions of active accounts around the world. It has a really simple interface that lets you discover every channel. It contains all the popular channels and niche channels too for you to watch sports, news, weather, and international content. It comes with closed system software which means you can not download third-party apps but if check out this website if you want to jailbreak Roku TV

3#) Apple TV

If you absolutely love the Apple ecosystem then this product is for you. it is considered better than Amazon firestick and it comes with a hefty price. It has better picture quality, smoother interface, and looks superior. Its price is quite high for all the features that it offers. It supports almost all the popular apps today and supports HDR and 4K content from the providers that support this. With the airplay facility, you can quickly screen mirror you additional device with your TV. If you have other Apple devices and like to invest in this particular brand then this is the product for you.

4#) Xiaomi mi box 4k

Is it the perfect alternative if you already have a streaming device and are thinking of updating it? It can also be your perfect first time streaming device. It comes with a remote which means you don’t need to control it with your phone or tablet. It gives you access to many games and apps on play store. It supports high dynamic content which is streamed in HDR10, it also supports 4K. it is the best standalone device you can try.

5#) Chromecast

If you love google then this is the product for you. it has really fun features like a digital photo album which lets you display photos on your TV without screen mirroring or casting, if you create an album it runs a slideshow. If you love having parties and hate when your neighbors’ complaints about loud music then this offers multi-room music groups which means if you have more than one Chromecast in your house you can connect them and play music on them which reduces the chance of your neighbors complaining about loud music.

6#) Nvidia shield

It is a great streaming device for your TV but this was made with gamers on the manufacturers’ mind, this is the best option for someone who loves watching TV and playing games. It can easily connect with your Xbox and play station. It has windows 8 operating system (Oreo) powered by android TV. it has the most popular media players like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Sling tv, Vudu, etc.

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