Useful Gift Ideas for Class of 2019 Elementary School Graduates

Graduation season is upon us and for children who have completed kindergarten or even elementary school, this rite-of-passage warrants a unique gift from parents or other family members as a way to mark the occasion. 

Recent grads have a lot of needs, so a thoughtful gift can help ease the transition into the next chapter of their lives, whether that may be the transition to a full-day of school or junior high.

Here are 10 considerate and practical gifts for the little graduate in your life:

An alarm clock

Great for those early morning classes, a reliable alarm clock can help your student get out of bed on time.  Look for an alarm clock with a smart phone docking station for even more practicality. 

A bicycle

Your student is still too young to drive, however, there is always the 2-wheel alternative – a bicycle.  Perfect for getting around outside or to the park with their friends.

A photo album

A fun gift for elementary school students is their very own graduation album.  Be sure to take plenty of pictures of your child with their class on graduation day. For a fun summer activity, spend some time together putting together the photo albums.

A Registered Education Savings Plan

If you want a financial way to help your graduate, then opening a Registered Education Savings Plan or RESP is a smart alternative to buying a traditional gift.  Through long-standing providers like Children’s Education Funds Inc. (CEFI), RESPs are savings vehicles that can help to offset a child’s future education costs, and they can be opened by parents, grandparents, guardians, relatives and even friends.

Further, when you open an RESP for a child, the Government of Canada will help by adding funds through the Canada Education Savings Grant and the Canada Learning Bond.  It is best to start saving as early as possible.

A trip to a restaurant

Give the gift of a good meal that your little graduate will surely appreciate.  A trip to a local restaurant or eatery would be a usable treat, and you can even dress up as a family for a special night out to celebrate your child’s milestone.

Local memberships

Encourage your graduate to have fun with a yearly membership to the zoo or a museum in their new town. 

A phone

If you’ve been holding off buying your child their own phone, this may be the time. With your active child more involved in outside activities now, it can be reassuring to know they’ve got a way to get in touch with you instantly.


If you are trying to think-outside-of-the-box, consider giving the gift of an experience.  Tickets to a concert or event, or if your budget allows, a family trip provide memorable experiences for a young student.

Finally, if you are a parent who gets weepy at the thought of their child going off to the next grade, a one-on-one parent and child trip is an excellent way to spend some quality time with your child before the next school year arrives. There really is nothing like a graduation gift of memories.

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