VideoProc: edit, resize, and convert HD and 4K videos from iPhone (Licenses to win)

The new iPhone and iPad shine particularly in the capture of HD or 4K videos: color fidelity, fluidity of the video, details, everything is (or almost), but the user a little bit demanding can’t stop at the simple taking of rushes. It is therefore good to have at hand a software tool that can perform most of the tasks a budding videographer will be led to do.

VideoProc presents itself as a real Swiss video processing knife, which makes it perfectly adapted to many user profiles, from the passionate videographer to the user who wants to convert his video library to the collector of videos downloaded from sharing sites or social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.). In addition the publisher is really nice, and offers some licenses (valid for one year) in exchange for a link sharing (10 visits link and the license is in the pocket).

To note, the VideoProc’s algorithms provide video processing without any losses and are ultra-fast. Thanks to a level 3 hardware acceleration system (which is therefore based on the GPU), the processing times (and therefore calculation times) are here accelerated by a factor of 47, a real asset when one has to deal with videos in packets of Go or even To!

These real performances are not at the expense of image quality at the end of treatment or functions that are absent; because nothing is missing: the editing (crop, fusion, rotation etc.), the resizing, the application of effects integrate the basic functions of the software while the functions “Pro” allow the reduction of the effects of moved, correction of the distortions of the “Fisheye”, the application of Watermark, adjustment of the colorimetry but also of the audio, the management of the effects of acceleration or slow motion, etc.

And of course, ALL video formats (HD, UHD or 4K) are supported as input (including MKV, FLV and AVI formats), which can also be converted to make it perfectly compatible with iPhone ). Since we are talking about conversion, the transcoding functions are not left behind: the H264 or HEVC videos of the iPhone can now be read without any problem on your PC or Android smartphone while conversely, it will be extremely simple to transcode one of the 370 audio / video formats recognized by the software into a nice video H264 or HEVC (compatible iPhone so). In passing, the transcoding settings provided by the video stabilization software allow you to change the framerate, bit rate or resolution of the video output (downscale or upscale video).

Big bonus on this nice package of built-in functions (and rather digestible thanks to a fairly clear interface), VideoProc also allows you to download videos and content (images / sounds / playlists) from a thousand sites (including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.). Very recommended. Hopefully this article can help you to overcome problems related to your videos later on. Thank you for your time.

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