Vintage Meets Modern: The Best Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Watches

The collection of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms showcases timepieces that are admired by several watch aficionados. Not only is it distinctive and gorgeous, but it is also an extraordinarily valuable piece of dive watches history.

The Humble Beginnings of Fifty Fathoms

The Fifty Fathoms collection from Blancpain was the original, sophisticated dive timepiece. Although many individuals would intuitively give this grand title to the more recognized Rolex Submariner, Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms actually made its debut a certain number of novelties every year before Rolex’s Submariner.

While the first advertisement for Fifty Fathoms was announced in 1953, the tale goes a bit farther back. Lieutenant Claude Riffaud and Captain Robert Maloubier, the French Combat Dive School leaders, were searching for an objective-assembled timepiece to get into the wrist of the most influential dive soldiers and unable to find anything to satisfy their needs.

They took up some prerequisites for this perfect timepiece and shopped it all around to different companies, but none would like to spend in what they regarded as a niche market. Fortunately, Blancpain’s CEO, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, turned out to be an enthusiastic diver and opted to work together with the leaders to produce the ideal watch they wanted and needed.

The Best Fifty Fathoms Watches

The sophisticated Fifty Fathoms collection, descendants to the masterworks manufactured for several different markets and navies over the past six decades, is a series with lots of assortment. But at the essence of this diversified collection lies the greatest ones. Here are some:

The Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Chronographe Flyback

Showcasing a fantastic complication, a form element that is both classic and modern, and dimensions that will certainly not go out of character and style for any diver, the Blancpain Chronographe Flyback is one of the fascinating gifts from the Fifty Fathoms lineup.

Opt for it in a cool polished blue porcelain of the Ocean Commitment edition or the gray porcelain for a more sophisticated modern experience.

The 500 Fathoms & 500 Fathoms GMT

Classic looks, yes, but all else about these timepieces is getting in the future. With an immense case, titanium case, a decompression valve, a winding blade in the form of a vessel’s propeller, and up to 100 meters of water resistance, these limited-edition versions are genuine unto themselves.

The Fifty Fathoms Chronographe Flyback

A flyback chronograph lets you reset the watch’s timing even without needing to halt the watch, for instantaneous lap resets. The Fifty Fathoms Chronographe Flyback is a complication that gets some major work to create well, and Blancpain’s movement brilliantly does the task. The timepiece can also be handy underwater for timing security halts and all the other intervals one may want to measure.

The Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe

Getting some style inspiration way back in the 1950s original, the Fifty Fathom Bathyscaphe is a robust diver, an utterly modern timepiece. It creates something new to the existing Fifty Fathoms lineup by remembering some essential features from the original version without entirely giving up the contemporary collection hallmarks.

The Fifty Fathoms Automatique 40mm

The Automatique 40mm watch is probably the classic vintage-inspired among the Fifty Fathoms collection. You can obtain a wide range of straps or bracelets. Plus, there are a handful of color and pattern combinations available.

For instance, explore the Ocean Commitment version, which embodies Blancpain’s impact on ocean environmental protection. Its red dot dates back to the original Fifty Fathom that donned a leak indicator, which is a symbolic highlight for the brand today.

Final Thoughts on the Best Fifty Fathoms Watches

In the sphere of innovative diving timepieces, there’s almost an infinite range of superb pieces to accommodate every taste. From contemporary giants such as the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller to the revolutionary oil-soaked masterworks by Ressence, the world is complete with options.

However, in this age of abundant tool watches, one specific timepiece and its ancestry set themselves apart as undoubtedly the catalyst for all modern dive watches: the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms.

It will most probably preserve its position in its area for many years (or even decades) to come. And with the contemporary Fifty Fathoms turning into such a diversified series in its own right, there is undoubtedly a model that can fulfill just about anyone’s needs.

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