Waste Removal Efforts You Can Participate in London

London has witnessed alarming rates of waste over the last few years. A 2017 report published on the Guardian showed that the London population consumes bottled water worth £7.7 a year, yet has the worst recycling rate of 32%. Another study conducted by Thames waterways further revealed that 10% of the plastic waste collected is disposed of in rivers.

This creates an environmental hazard as plastic bottles take up to 450 years to degrade. Additionally, 70% of household refuse is disposed of in landfills, including electrical appliances, textile waste, glass, metal and batteries.

The main environmental concern associated with waste build up in landfills is the production of leachate, methane gas and loose waste. Leachate is a thick liquid that forms when garbage decomposes while methane gas is produced as a result of anaerobic decomposition. Loose waste, on the other hand, attracts disease-causing organisms transmitted through the air.

These alarming statistics have caused many London households to set up private initiatives to reduce waste at home and the in streets. While the government has such programs implemented through the local city councils, they are overwhelmed by the amount of rubbish removal. We look at two such initiatives mobilised by private companies and the residents of different neighbourhoods.

The Loop

The program was formed by renowned manufacturers of consumer goods (Unilever, P&G, Nestle and PepsiCo, among others) in collaboration with TerraCycle, a recycling specialist. The initiative aims at helping households collect used or empty packaging for recycling, reuse or refilling. Its goal is to reduce reliance on single-use plastics at home.

The Loop also envisions a world where people will purchase and use a range of products in customised, brand-specific packages that can be collected, cleaned and reused. During the launch of this program, Unilever announced plans to start using reusable packaging across nine brands, including Love and Beauty Planet, REN Clean Skincare, Seventh Generation and Hellman’s. The Loop also creates a platform for challenging companies to innovate and implement value chains that integrate reusable packaging as part of rubbish removal London.

The Garbage Olympics in Pittsburgh

The initiative was launched in 2017 as a pilot competition among five East-end neighbourhoods, including Lawrenceville, East Liberty, Strip District, Bloomfield and Garfield. Teams of volunteers residing in these districts participate in rubbish removal London efforts in Pittsburgh. The team that collects most trash receives a reward.

During the 2017 competition, the East Liberty Trash Warriors emerged winners, though by a pretty small margin of 50 pounds. It was followed closely by Lawrenceville. The exercises saw all the five neighbourhoods collect 1500 pounds of trash in just two hours.

The 2018 competition was larger as all neighbourhoods in Pittsburgh participated in the rubbish removal London exercise. Most of them formed groups with names like the Bloomberg Garbage Gladiators, Pretty Up Beechview and Troy Hill Trashletes.

The founders believe that such initiatives will inspire neighbourhoods to form their cleanup crews in a bid to beautify the city. For efficient rubbish removal, the groups should engage reliable skip hire services that can dispose of the waste in recycling plants. Clearabee is one such company that offers same-day garbage collection services and provides beebags for collecting waste during the cleaning exercise.

Clearabee has made a name in the UK as the best rubbish removal London company. It has a track record of recycling 90% of the waste collected and offers skip hire services for different kinds of waste- bulky waste, light and heavy construction waste, soil and bulky waste. The company provides flexible waste removal services in the form of man and van style service for customers looking for fast rubbish removal services.

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