What Does Custom Software Development Cost?

Software development is a complex and most often long-term process that requires the involvement of different specialists, from engineers (developers and testers) to designers and managers of the project. That is why, if you need a good product (app or website), your best decision is to order one in the professional agency.

The price of such an order can vary. The average number is 45,000 USD. The team of the firm, one of the top companies that works with custom software development, tells what comprises this amount and how you can try to assess services on your own.

What Comprises the Cost of Custom Software Development?

Size of the Software

For example, you need an application. How many screens should it have? It is impossible to answer at once and you even don’t have to count it. Software development company specialists will do it. But the customer is you and the size of the product will be based on the number of the functions it should do. And this parameter is upon you.

To understand the amount of work, rely on average numbers. Small apps usually have 10-25 screens. And the products with more than 40 screens are considered by companies and developers as large ones.

The Complexity of the Product

Similar to size applications or sites can still be different by cost and terms. This is because the product can include only 10 screens but they will be connected with complicated logic.

Basic products (on Web, Android, or iOS) where you just place information are usually the cheapest. But if the app or site should do complex calculations, for example, it can be products for the ecommerce field, the cost will rise. Also, the complexity can mean more developers in the team (one developer just can’t do such amount of work) and it also will have an impact on price.


Design is the most controversial item of expenditure. If you want to make the cost lower, you can ask about using primitive design templates. Not all companies can agree with that because your order is the future part of their portfolios, but in theory, it is possible.

But the complete template isn’t the best option. Such a decision can`t be original, which means your product will get lost against the background of others. Also, good design is created especially for users` needs, so better don’t cheap out on it.

Integration with Other Systems

Depending on the project function, some options like payments on the websites can be needed. These options are implemented with the integration with other systems, for example, PayPal.

In cases, you want to use less well-known systems or old versions, the cost of the whole project will raise. Also, it can have an impact on terms, because when you work with an unknown system, you can’t know how well this system reacts and how much it is open to integration.

Existing Data and Necessity to Transfer It

It’s not a rare situation when the product is developed not from scratch but on some previous version or with using existing data. If the amount of this information is much more than a developer can type in by hand, transferring becomes a must-have process.

In simple words, it is an automatization for typing in. Sounds easy but the developers should find a way how to connect systems, evade the question of different data storing, and effectively get access to the information. Also, such operation always is tested additionally and the testing itself is often automized. Because of that, testers need more time.

Consider these factors, when you think about custom software development cost, but better contact managers to know the final price individually.

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