What happens to your app when you buy app installs?

There is a lot of discussion about the real impact of incentive or motivated installs on your app. The first misconception is that all installs you can buy are bots and they give no use to your product. The second is that such installs do not change your rank by the keywords or, that is even worse, make your app out for the exact word. Let’s get into this issue and analyze this marketing tool’s effectiveness. If it is that instrumental in-app marketing nowadays, it may give you installs directly from the market search. And that is way better than going all hands into display or CPA.

Can you ever buy installs from the real users?

Yes! Most of the motivated installs are from real people as it is cheaper to maintain the business having employees working via apps than storing a huge service to supply any other types of installs. The majority of these downloads will be without the in-app activity: the incentive will download, open, and keep at the phone one app for 3-4 days. That is enough for any market algorithm to count this action and reflect it on a listing page.

You can also ask for the evidence that these installs were unique: some services provide the list of device IDs.

Do app installs give higher search ranks?

If done correctly, they do. The thing is that motivated downloads can be direct and by keywords. The first type is useful for the new applications, while keyword installs are for those with some history and in-app activity. Read when to buy app installs and what install your app needs now.

Keyword installs are those where incentives search for the exact word or phrase, find your app at the market, download it and keep for a while so the search robots take this install into account. After that, your ranks rise and you get even more visible at the search, especially for the non-motivated clients. is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.

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