What Is An App Blocker And Why We Need App Blockers In Your Phone

Are you having a hard time focusing on your task because you keep looking at that video? Are you unable to keep your phone down because you have decided to converse with your friend over a certain application?

If you are having an issue maintaining your schedule rightly, then it is time to switch to using an app blocker. If you don’t know what an app blocker is, then you are for a treat because we will help you focus on the task at hand by telling you of a way that will block all the inconveniences.

What is an app blocker?

An app blocker is a software that is designed to shut off particular applications that hindrances on your activity. In other words, one can assign the application for restricting one’s limit to using certain software.

Now, the feature of the software may differ but if one looks at the basic applicability of it, then rest assured, the software will help you strengthen your priority by enhancing your workability rate.

A study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has confirmed that an average worker spends almost two hours and fifty minutes on their phone in just working hours. This means that over 25 hours is spent weekly and more than 100 hours are spent monthly on utilizing phones during working hours.

Be it for checking social media to reading news on the website, be it for checking up on someone, or taking a break, it impedes our productivity rate, and to stop it from happening, you have to pertain to an app blocker.

The need of the hour: An app blocker

The best thing about the blocker sites or software is that it has intuitive features that provide countless methods to prevent you from wasting your precious time.

A feature like an easy interface with straightforward applicability along with the ability to block any impromptu launch of applications.

Not only that but setting the time limit on how long one can get access to specific software will help you to manage time and be more productive. If you are still not sure about the relevance of the software, then here are the appositeness of app lockers.

  • Halts the functionality of the application: We are sure that there are apps that you like to spend time on more than doing a report, right? The application of the app blocker will halt the implementation of certain applications so that one can easily put all their effort into the work at hand.
  • Put an end to gaming sessions: Do you want to keep your gaming addiction in check because it is decreasing your working ability? Then apply this particular software to put the addiction to a stop.
  • Restricts your child from overusing phones: Do you think your children have been using particular applications for longer times? Do you think that they can spend that time on education?

Then you can choose to control the accessibility of the apps easily with an app blocker. Especially, those apps that come with age restriction will help you reduce their social media obsession with multiple folds.

  • Promotes health: It promotes physical and outdoor activity to children, even some adults so that they can connect with their environment positively.

Few tips to apply while using app blocker:

Though the app locker is modelled to meet the requirements of those who cannot stay away from their phones, to increase the appositeness of the app locker, you have to incorporate these tips for better results.

  • You should discern each app that is installed on your device to rule out those that you don’t use or have not been installed by you. Put all those applications on a blacklist of the app locker so that the extempore launch of that software cannot take place.
  • Your phone must have freeware that distracts you from your chore. Why not block them too? Just list all the applications which you use significantly.

blocklist them or put a restricted amount of accessibility time on them to stop you from spending more time on them. Systems like gaming software, chatting apps, social media platforms are such examples.

  • To maintain the age-appropriateness of the system, you have to have a blocklist of software that you think might influence your child negatively.


So what are you waiting for? Download a suitable application to stop yourself from wasting your time, to stop yourself from achieving your dream because a change can take place in just one minute.

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