What is IVR And How-to Setup Your Own

IVR is the acronym of interactive voice response and it is a technology that allows phone systems to interact with the human through voice and input via the keypad. In any company or telecommunication field, IVR allows the customers to interact with the company’s main host system via telephone or speech recognition. In below content, we know about what is ivr and how can you setup your own.

What Is IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR which is a telephony system which enables identification, segmentation, and routing of callers to the most appropriate agent within the team. IVR systems have significantly reduced the complexity and have increased the performance and reduced the cost involved in the communication.

A typical interactive voice response system allows you to do the following-

  • Help you configure a personalized IVR message
  • Pre-recorded IVR messages can be used in cases of responses
  • Collect and save the information about your callers
  • The support team can be automated with minimal interference
  • Prioritize calls based on multiple parameters
  • Route the caller based on the different factors to different teams
  • Improve your company’s image

Benefits of having an IVR for your company

Here are some of the awesome benefits of using IVR for your company-

Increase first level resolution

It has been seen that the first contact resolution is getting closed a lot while using IVR because usually, people select the correct option while dialing. For example, if the issue is related to the billing department while dialing itself, the user will select the billing option and there is much probability that the issue will be resolved at the first instance itself without creating any hop.

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Increase support efficiency

Employees working in a department, if received the correct and meaningful issue will resolve quickly. And thus, increasing the employee satisfaction and user satisfaction as well.

Increase overall SLA

Yes, if the issue can be resolved in the first instance itself, overall SLA of any issue and overall SLA of the support team will definitely be better. This is quite a positive sign in terms of customer satisfaction and further expansion.

Reduce Operation Cost

If IVR can’t be used, the company may need to add some person who will route the call to the respective team to get it answered. So, by automating the same using IVR, you can remove that middleman cost.

And there are multiple such benefits you can have with IVR. Now as you know what is IVR and the benefits of using the IVR, it’s time to learn how you can create your own IVR for your business.


How to set up your own IVR?

Setting up the IVR can be a bit tricky if you are going ahead with the technical stuff as well. You need to code the options those you want the user to hear and select the response based on that. If you don’t want to get into the technical glitches, you can buy any IVR. Usually, you will find the call tracking software company also providing the IVR options and you can select accordingly.

A typical setup for the IVR will look like below and all you have to do is, just sign up for the IVR and then customize it according to the flow diagram shown below.


This was all about what is IVR, it benefits, and how you can set up your own IVR for your company. SSign up with the Ringba and explore the different automation and options available.

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