What Screen Recording Features Do You Need On Your Mac?

When it comes to creating demos or tutorials for your software products, there’s no better way to guide your users than with a screen recording of what they’re supposed to do.

96% of users claim they watched an explainer to help them understand a service or product, and such videos are far more effective when you use screen recording and show users how to do the process step by step. This makes a screen recording a great tool for any business to have and about 87% according to a recent already do use it.

However, is just being able to record your screen enough? If not, what else do I need? For some of the popular manufacturers like Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for Mac, the answer is on offering customers the right mix of features. You can visit the official site to know more.

If you’re a business running a Mac, here are six features you need to look for in a screen recording app.


While there aren’t that many screen recording apps that don’t include audio recording as one of their bases features anymore, there are still a few out there that haven’t yet upgraded their mainframe to support recording your voice as you capture your screen.

Skipping out on the audio feature can be a huge mistake since the simple inclusion of a verbatim explanation of what’s happening on the screen can make all the difference between a good tutorial and an excellent tutorial.

Recording just a part of your screen

Ever had trouble following a screen recorded tutorial because of how much was going on at the same time? As a business, it’s your goal to protect your users from such a frustrating experience, and if your screen recorded tutorial must feature multiple windows, you need to be able to draw their attention to different parts of the screen as they’re being worked on.

And what better way to do that than being able to smoothly zoom in and out into a certain part of the screen so that the user can follow what’s going on in the tutorial.

Recording from multiple screens

A lot of apps nowadays have the option to sync up on multiple devices, thus offering their services in a more streamlined fashion. This, however, presents a challenge when recording a demo or tutorial video, since you now have to help users follow along with two or more devices at the same time. A screen recording app that lets you record from both your Mac and iPhone (or other Apple device) and switches from both screens at ease is a godsend here; because while it is possible to record your phone demo with a separate camera, it is a lot less convenient than using a capable screen recorder.

A quick pause-and-play toolbar

The quick pause-and-play toolbar is a great asset every good screen recording app has. Having the video to pause a recording session mid-shoot is useful when you need to take breaks while recording or if an error presents itself in the system that has nothing to do with the demo but needs to be addressed before one can continue. Since it lets you pick up right where you left off, time is saved in post-production, and you don’t have to edit out unnecessary amounts of screen recordings.

Video and image editor

Though you may have to rely on your editor of choice for a few heftier tasks, for around 85% of the cases all you need are simple touches and fixes to prepare your screen recorders. For this reason, decent image and video editors are an important feature to look for when selecting a video editor, for the more powerful and intuitive an editor is, the more time you’ll save in preparing and finalizing your video demo. Video editors, specifically, can make or break a screen recording app; being able to instantly view a timeline for your video and given all the tools you need to crop out and mix your video however you please is something you don’t want to opt out for.

Webcam integration

Even though a screen recording is a far better instructional medium than a video of you talking will ever be, using your webcam to record yourself as you explain your videos can help give them a personality, and you have greater freedom to make them more entertaining for your viewers.

Plus, regularly showing your face on tutorials and demos can help your user base associate the brand with you, and leaving an impact/impression on your viewers is a much easier task now. For this reason, having a screen recording app with a built-in feature for supporting webcam input is a must-have.

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