Video communication has been the best invention of technology by far, alongside gaming activities. People love sharing how they feel and what they think using the video source. And it is essentially important. Videos have become an important part of social lives and as far as you see on social platforms it is the most effective and applicable medium to communicate with the world.

Perks of being a video-blogger

Do you think it’s easier to describe your feelings and emotions over an audio or video? Straightforwardly, visualization of things helps the human mind to have a better and entailed look at it. So, even if you are sitting in another corner of the world, you can be in touch with your kith and kin using video platforms.

Video platforms

The crucial role of video making and sharing in our society has been understood and appreciated by nearly all social media applications. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter, however, are selectively partial about videos but the former has done work to keep up its pace with the modern world.

Apart from these, other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and many others are dedicated video chatting platforms. These portray and apprehend the important aspect of communicating through videos and photos and are widely used across the globe.

Videos for Instagram users

Many inspirational vloggers, businesses, travel junkies, and others prefer utilizing the video format of Instagram to share their experiences or run an ad to attract the general public. If you are one of such people or are trying to set a benchmark and want to communicate with your followers, Instagram offers four ways to do that.

According to a research you can create a regular video post and upload it to your Instagram timeline. It is the most old-school way of sharing video content. You can either upload videos on your story or share it with people on IGTV. Lastly buy  real Instagram followers which can interact, an option to come live and talk to everyone as if you are in the same room is an evergreen option Instagram and many other platforms offer and is loved by all people.

But for all these formats you need to be careful about the time limit of the video. Let’s have a look at how long can a video be in all these categories and how long it should be.

Regular posts

These posts appear in your timeline and stay there forever unless you don’t remove it manually. These are the most viewed posts and all of your special and important stuff goes up here. Videos uploaded here are known as feed videos. They can be one minute in length, not more than that. So, if you have captured something and you want to share it with your followers and it’s longer than a minute, you will have to trim it.

Instagram doesn’t fail to make us fall in love with it again. If nothing else, it is loved for its amazing user-friendly interface and you can simply trim the required section of the video before posting it in the uploading process. You don’t have to install another application or software to do that and it can be done on both android and IOS.


Instagram stories can be 15 seconds in length. These are short-living and last for only 24 hours. This format is usually used for advertising and promotional purposes, and hence the time limit.

Live chat

It is an interesting new feature of Instagram that allows you to chat with your followers. This conversation can go on for an hour. After 60 seconds, you will have to restart the live session, which is again quite easy due to Instagram’s interface and quick response.


The modern-day answer to dedicated video platforms is Instagram TV. Here, you can create and run videos that are 3-10 minutes in length. This limit does not apply on accounts that have more likes and followers and they can upload an hour-long video. The best part? It works both as a standalone app and in integration to the original Instagram application.

Carrousel posts

If you have videos longer than the limits mentioned for the formats, you don’t need to worry. You can either trim out the desired section or you can create carousel posts of such videos. In the stories format, for example, if you have a video that is a minute-long, it will automatically be cut down in 4 portions of 15-second videos and all will be uploaded simultaneously, hence, the problem solved.


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