Why Discount Programs are Both Important to the Business and the Buyer?

One thing that many enjoy is shopping. We can all agree that shopping, whether it may be shopping for clothing, makeup, shoes, school supplies, books, or even just groceries, can spark a smile in anyone. Now that we are faced with a pandemic, it is extremely dangerous to go outside.

How would shopping be fun, if you put not only yourself but anyone around you at risk? It was all fun and games ‘till the world stopped and we were all obliged to stay at home. Although this is safe, being stuck at home can make you miss going outside, especially doing leisure activities such as shopping.

Shopping in-store is a different experience, especially when purchasing clothes. With clothes, it is best to try it on, although this is quite a tedious job, it is a fun activity, to be able to dress up and try clothes that you may or may not buy. 

Now that going outside is a complete no-go, online shopping has become the people’s obsession. Hundreds and thousands of stores are going online, and shopping has become more accessible during these trying times.

Business and the Buyer

With tons of options such as a return policy, trying out clothing is made easier. But what better way to shop online than to get good deals too? Discounts are extremely helpful during shopping in-store, but online discounts are actually way better. Most sites offer so many discounts that give you amazing deals. Deals such as buy 1 take 1 offer, or percentage discounts or free shipping discounts too!

As a shopper, this is quite exciting and beneficial. But it also makes you question why these companies are brands are doing these discount programs. It makes you question if these discount programs are beneficial on their end too. Here are the reasons why companies offer discount programs:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Attracting old customers
  • Increases sales from international orders
  • Discounted items free up space in their inventory
  • Boosts a business’ reputation
  • Sales targets are met

Here is a list of reasons why you, the consumer, are beneficial to these discount programs too:

  • Saves money
  • It is easier to purchase more items
  • The consumer can possibly purchase their dream products
  • Discounts that are in coupon form suggest when you can purchase certain items

Discounts are beneficial to both the business and the buyer. We as consumers don’t really think about the other end of the spectrum but with this information, isn’t it so much easier to purchase more? Discount programs such as cashback is a new program that these companies are now offering. It is a program where you can get a percentage of your money back. Sites such as RebatesMe offers stores that pay you back as you purchase. Not only that, they can also give you discounts that can help you save more money. If you are currently into redesigning your home and Home Depot is at the top of your shopping list, simply go to RebatesMe, look through the Home Depot page, purchase an item, and instantly receive a notification that you are approved from an 8.1% Home Depot cashback. How great is that? 

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