Why play online is more enjoyable, even without a console

The world of video games has evolved a lot in recent years and has changed in a way we never expected. From the PlayStation 1 console and the 56k connection, it feels like a century has passed. Game consoles have become more and more complex and powerful, offering more and more appealing and immersive game versions. The variety of consoles had caused a bit of an abandonment of the dear old computer, but in recent times the trend has reversed because even millennials prefer to play online, especially if they find free sites with quality games like

Not always the favourites are, as you might think, the futuristic and spatial environments, but are appreciated especially multiplayer games in which to try their hand to the death.

There are many reasons why today’s teenagers (and some teenagers-no-more) love to play with a good gaming computer rather than a console.

The first is certainly that playing online is free compared to online challenges on consoles that aren’t, but which require a subscription. Thanks to multiplayer you can challenge your opponents, friends or even unknown users.

Playing online allows you to always use the latest versions of the games, without having to buy anything, while the consoles after a few years are to be considered outdated, the games must be bought again and is a continuous expense.

There is still scepticism about online games, especially among adults who, when they hear about free games online, immediately think of a scam. In fact, this affects not only the world of games, but everything. The web, in all areas, including online games, is now safer than a few years ago and has filters that allow you to avoid scams. Authoritative sites like GamePix give you the opportunity to meet new people and play new games, having fun online in total safety.

The summer heat is felt especially in the city, why not take the opportunity to spend some time having fun online and getting to know people from all over the world? Improve your dexterity and spend your time fighting enemies or saving princesses, the best online games are waiting for you.

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