Why You Should Invest In A Rolex Submariner

The first name that comes to mind when talking about luxury watches is Rolex. However, these classic pieces are more than just a name. In this day and age, they‘re more or less used as a marker of success and understated luxury. Additionally, they’re very aesthetically pleasing. Some of the most popular Rolex watches are Rolex Submariner, the Datejust, and the GMT Master. These are the type of watches that you’ll gentlemen wearing on them almost daily. In this article, we’re going to focus on the Rolex Submariner

The Rolex watches construction

Rolex watches are designed, developed, and produced in-house including the casting of the metals, the machining, the crafting, the assembly, and the finishing. This means that nothing is outsourced. This guarantees that the buyers get exactly what they pay for –a robust watch.

These watches may appear simple but they are of high standards and keep improving incrementally. In the case of the Submariner, the water-resistance keeps improving continually.

What’s special about the Rolex Submariner?

This watch is so good a lot of people consider it to be the most legendary watch of all time. The Submariner was introduced in 1953 and up until now, it’s still a quite-misunderstood watch.

The most expensive submariner sells for over 1 million USD and this is because they’re built to last a lifetime.

Reasons why the Roles Submariner is so popular

The Rolex Submariner journey has spanned more than six decades and over time it has earned its place as one of the most important Rolexes especially amongst professional divers. It has a timeless design that has somehow influenced every other dive watch created after it. But how did the Submariner get to achieve this status?

  1. It’s functional

Besides capturing the simple aesthetics, the Rolex Submariner works perfectly for the purpose for which it’s designed and keeps on working. The build quality is unmatched and has one of the most reliable mechanical assemblies ever.

If you’re looking for a great partner for your underwater adventures, then this is the “it” watch. It’s water-resistant up to a depth of 300m

  1. It’s timeless

This Rolex is highly collectible as it enjoys one of the best resale value on the secondary market. In June of 2018, the Explorer Style Submariner sold for $1,068,500 at an auction.

The watches’ designs, quality, and durability are a guarantee that the Submariners can be passed down through several generations.

  • It’s pioneering

A lot of companies making both counterfeits and genuine watches have somehow found their inspiration from the Rolex watch design as they make their own versions. This is an indescribable form of flattery to this innovative trendsetter. It shows that although the Rolex Submariner outward design hasn’t changed much over time, it still represents what a watch should look like.

  1. It’s versatile

The Rolex Submariner is one watch that can easily be described as a “go-anywhere or do-anything” type of watch. It can be worn to any event whether casual or official. For example, you can rock it with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and sports shoes. You could also wear it with a nice classy suit to a dinner date or to the office.

In terms of cost, colors, and designs the Submariner’s are quite versatile too. The price range is quite large;

This watch is simply tasteful.


The Rolex Submariner is a great investment especially due to the waterproof capabilities that keep it resistant to water far beyond depths that ordinary human beings can take it.

Generally speaking, Rolex watches have a little bit of history and substance and this has helped to maintain their value over the years. Before you commit to buying a Rolex watch, you first need to find a trusted seller considering that Rolexes are some of the most replicated watches in the world. It’s best that you find a dealer with a return policy in case you don’t like the watch and would like to exchange it for another one. Also, if you can’t afford to pay for a brand new watch, get a secondhand that will cost you much less depending on the condition it’s in and the amount of use.

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