5 Free Online Movie Streaming Sites To Avoid In 2022


You get what you pay for, and if you want to watch movies, you should pay to view them.


However, the internet has now made payment optional. Sure, the Internet allows studios to share their work with the rest of the world with a few mouse clicks.


However, it also allows digital thieves to spread pirated information all over the world, with no cash going to the producers.


Illegal movie-sharing often occurs in two ways.


First, users download and install software that connects them to so-called torrent files, allowing them to obtain online content by extracting data from several machines hosting the same content.


Second, a black-market website that hosts the film plays it on demand, much like a YouTube video.

5 Free Online Movie Streaming Sites To Avoid In 2022

Today, we will talk about such illegal sites that you must keep at bay in 2022 to be safe online. If you still want a free movie streaming site to get your hands on, you can access


However, you should not stream movies on these sites, so let’s take a look at them:

1: 123 Movies

123Movies was formerly one of the most popular websites for online streaming movies and television shows.


The usage of 123Movies is not permitted in all jurisdictions. Law enforcement officials worldwide have been keeping a tight eye on any site or service that allows consumers to see copyrighted information without paying for it.


In 2018, 123Movies was officially shut down.


Every website that looks similar to 123Movies or utilizes its name after that is a mirror.


These reproductions attempt to appear as close to the original as possible. The disadvantage is that anybody may own them. This might imply that some of these mirrors are being utilized to distribute malware.

2: YesMovies

YesMovies, yet another free movie streaming service, is a well-known platform for moviegoers to discover new and vintage films.


However, due to the site’s piracy-promoting character, it is often prohibited in many countries.


When it comes to the general public, a safety risk constantly bothers people when they utilize unlawful sites like YesMovies. This problem is caused by a virus or malware assault on users when downloading files from the site.


However, if your government has prohibited YesMovies in your country, you may find it impossible to access them.


It’s not like you’ll get thrown behind bars for using this website, but you’ll be heavily penalized.

3: Myflixer

Myflixer is a website that provides users with streaming media material, such as the most recent movies released in cinemas and various well-known, network-produced programs.


On the site, all of this stuff is available for free. So Myflixer is unlawful in that sense.


Without an ad blocker, practically every time you click an element on a Myflixer page, a new tab will open, loading material from one of the website’s advertising partners.


Some of those websites may contain malware or serve up harmful information and should be avoided at all costs.


Myflixer also occasionally sends out adult-oriented advertising on its home page, with sexually suggestive images that are inappropriate for youngsters.

4: Flixtor

Flixtor is now available on a few websites. On the other hand, it has a lengthy history of getting pulled down and reappearing on new domains.


According to the official status of Flixtor, as stated by its authors, there are several issues with copycats and phishing activities.


Flixtor is widely regarded as an illicit site. The developers may risk legal action if it remains online.


The repercussions of streaming content from Flixtor vary depending on where you reside.


In the United States, the DMCA works with ISPs to trace users who utilize Flixtor. So you’re not going to jail, but you can wind up with a lawsuit on your hands.

5: Soap2Day

The Soap2Day malware masquerades as a website that allows visitors to view the latest movies for free online.


Not only is such action unlawful, but it also offers an excessive volume of adverts that lead to untrustworthy pages and may aid in the spread of malware.


Users of the Soap2Day website are subjected to strange pop-ups. For example, the most current Soap2Day Reddit themes detailed how this potentially unwanted application transmits another possibly undesirable item known as a browser hijacker.


Furthermore, such browser hijackers tend to acquire sensitive information about users’ surfing habits.


It may record anything you put into the search field, as well as your geolocation, IP address, and browsing history.


Are you still with us?


We hope you have not got bored with these cautionary tales.


We just want you to be safe, and that’s why we think it’s best if you keep your distance from these free movie streaming sites.


However, you can ping us for further queries in the comment section below.

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