5 Ways of Improving Work Productivity By Taking Breaks


Does the “Fear Of Missing Out” deadlines or FOMO, as popularly termed by the urban youth, stress you out and affect your work output? Why not take a few planned short breaks? They not only refresh your mental state but enhance your outcomes in the subsequent working period of the day.


If you’re a small business owner, the best techniques to effectively manage time, as stated by, can be a game-changer for your personnel. The exact intervals or the optimum length between breaks have different theories. The advocates of the Pomodoro technique developed by the Italians suggest 25 minutes of work before a break. Some of the Latvian firms, in contrast, believe in a duration of 52 minutes.


In this brief article, we will explain to you five compelling and proven benefits of taking those short breaks in between your tight workday.


Sensing The Broader Picture

Toiling on the same miniature task for extended periods can make you lose sight of the larger objective. Taking a step back and getting your mind off work for a few minutes can help you regain focus on the larger strategic picture. This aspect is particularly pivotal for managers who can easily get distracted in process-driven tasks.


Increases Creative Thoughts

Lack of adequate breaks or mental relaxation can cause a serious dent in your creativity levels. Your brain requires some moments of leisure to regain the optimum cognitive abilities. Also, you can earn some additional income and have fun during your break time in the most secure manner through sports betting.


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Aiding Information Processing And Ideation

Our brains are programmed in such a way that most brilliant ideas strike while it is in a wandering or diffused state. Have you thought about why many of your innovative plans arise while doing something else apart from focussed work? There you have it, another persuasive reason why breaks bring out the genius in you.


The next time you feel stuck trying to resolve a personal or professional issue, get up from your chair and leave what you were currently doing. Then, engage in a brief activity that you like (a planned distraction, if you will).


You are, in effect, transitioning the state of your brain into diffusion and setting the stage for ideation to hit you. You can be surprised by the results of this process.


Cultivation Of Healthy Habits

When you are overly involved in the rate race, you tend to ignore healthier lifestyle habits like timely meals, regular workouts, hydration, and sleep. Having a well-laid-out lunch break ensures your digestive system is in order. A 20-minute power nap can do your mental focus a world of good as well.


Taking periodic breaks from prolonged screen time can also help keep vision-related ailments at bay. Medical professionals recommend looking away from the screen after every twenty minutes and performing eye exercises such as opening and closing eyelids and rolling eyeballs in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.


Dividing Big Tasks Into Smaller Chunks

The mere thought of completing a huge task can raise most people’s stress levels and anxieties. Structure your breaks so that you divide the overall work into smaller parts. Once you complete a piece, go for a short break. Leverage it to have a brisk walk or a light snack.


When your mind knows that the smaller subtasks are achievable and smaller in load, your confidence levels will rise, and anxiety will gradually vanish. In a way, this task division is a kind of reinforcement or self-motivation for you. By completing a subtask, you can take a well-deserved short break.



Accommodating planned or scheduled breaks in your daily work schedule can help you reap massive productivity gains, as proven by medical science. Do not fall victim to the commonly misunderstood concept that breaks lead to work distraction and missing deadlines. In contrast, well-executed regular breaks can speed up task completion by providing a much-needed refreshment to your brain that is in constant work mode.


In addition, breaks improve your general lifestyle and help energize the creative part of your brain. So, are you feeling drained after a long hour of work? Stop thinking and take that much-deserved break of goodness!

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