6 Wedding Traditions Millennials No Longer Respect

Millennials are officially the generation born between 1981 and 1996. This generation is now changing different industries, including weddings. What is very interesting to notice is that traditions are being changed. Numerous old ones are being replaced, including the ones highlighted below. The number of millennials that respect the old traditions presented in the following paragraphs is going down.


Something Old, Something Blue, Something Borrowed, and So On

This wedding tradition is meant to bring good luck based on what the bride will wear during wedding day. It is very easy to understand why such a superstition is no longer respected by millennials that want to get married. Besides the fact that the items are seen as not being important for the brides, many millennials do not understand why such a scavenger hunt is needed. After all, organizing a wedding is very difficult. Why make things more difficult?. You can use teal table runner.

No Longer Renting Limousines

Happy couples that organize their weddings do not care about limousines anymore. They do not care about having to deal with insurance extras, like extended warranty, or having a driver on time. Millennials also do not want to show up in lavish, extravagant transportation. Even if this is something that is desired, the limousine is no longer the preferred transportation method. We even see some couples showing up riding bikes to a wedding. Creativity is encouraged and preferred.
Transportation-related issues are not a huge concern for people getting married right now. This opens the door to creativity. Why not ride on a horse if this is possible? It is definitely a lot more interesting than just driving around in a limousine, like everyone else does.

Zero Meetings Until The Wedding Ceremony

If there is one tradition that most millennial couples agree that should not be respected is the idea that the bride and groom should not see each other before the wedding ceremony. The whole idea of “no peeking” is put to rest. It is simple to know why since this tradition came from the age when arranged marriages were reality. Nowadays, couples get engaged after years and they do want to fully enjoy the best day of their lives together.

Single-Gender Groom And Bridal Party

For millennial grooms and brides, old traditions do not dictate who is a part of the wedding ceremony. It is actually quite normal to include male bridesmaids and female groomsmen. This is why we have terms like groomswoman and bridesman.
Nowadays, the barriers of the same sex in bridal parties went down. The more time passes, the easiest it is for people to react in a proper way. You need to have the people that you trust the most around you during the wedding.

Wedding Veils

The traditional wedding veils got a huge upgrade in the past few years. There is no longer a need to choose elaborate headpieces, flower crowns, and fascinators, or pearls and sterling silver. The modern millennial brides are ditching veils and tend to prefer capes, hoods, or other interesting accessories.
The whole idea of the wedding veil appeared because of the fact that the groom did not see the bride until the day of the wedding. This was actually a horrible tradition and it has a horrible past. Nowadays, arranged weddings are no longer the case so why have a wedding veil in the first place?

Matching Dresses For Bridesmaids

Last but not least, this old tradition is slowly disappearing. There is no longer a desire among millennials to wear matching dresses in the bridesmaid party. Just 37% of all brides in the year 2018 had the matching bridesmaids dresses. This statistic was presented by Brides magazine.
What is much more common among millennial brides is to choose a specific color theme. This allows bridesmaids to choose a preferred dress style and even color shades. At the end of the day, the goal is to have everyone look great during and after the wedding ceremony. Having matching bridesmaids dresses makes it very difficult so we can clearly understand why these are going out. When you choose bridesmaids dresses based on what works best for the individual, the entire wedding ceremony ends up being more glamorous since everyone will look great.

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