Games Like Farmville | 12 Farming Simulation Games

Games Like Farmville is the loving option for people who love farming simulation games. Game lover’s always want to play games similar to Farmville on stream. I addict to this game very much because of that I found many more other games like Farmville to entertain.

If you are in the same state, then please check my list of Farmville like games. Please complete the content and let me know about your options.

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Importance of Games Like Farmville

Usually, we play games in our leisure time the games are started in the ancient period to keep the human being fit. Online Games have many other advantages rather than enjoying. Contest arises the feeling of brotherhood teamwork the main components of the game are rules challenges and interaction the games have developed practical skills and served as a form of exercise.

This contest plays a psychological role, but in today’s life when the people are very busy, they do not have enough time to entertain themselves in a ground.

So that the alternative of game plays in a territory is a computer gaming or virtual gaming. In earlier days there is less number of games, and there is not much competition in this field but today with the dead person children are very much interested in virtual gaming rather than a ground game show.

Different companies launch different games in the name of virtual gaming the famous name is farm Ville, so today we are discussing 12 such alternatives of game farm Ville.

Games Like Farmville

1.) Let’s Farm

Let’s Farm is on the top of my list  of Farmville like games. The publisher of this game is play day games. In this game, you have to live a life which is surrounded by animals. Pets and crops. This game like Farmville concept is the total match to Farm Ville.

In the game, you have earned based on selling vegetables to neighbors. You have to complete the missions managing your crop growth. The game consists of Lovely animals delicious food and various plants for your fun.

2.) Happy Farm

This game is developed by 5 minutes developers. It came on the market in 2008. The platform of Happy Farm is Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It is a live stream game similar to Farmville.

This Farmville alternative is somewhat different from the farm Ville, you have to earn not only by selling your crop, but you can also steal from your neighbors or friends crop.

You can start your game with a small land, and you can expand it by growing the crops and raise animals. You can not bore from this type of play because of lots of functionality exist in it.

3.) Farm story 2

Farm Story 2 can play on Android and some other platform also. It is a beautiful 3D world to harvest where you can make your little world. Being 3D it is a lovely game explore the mystery and grow the crops to live your life. You have to collect some useful resources and discover exciting surprises. When you have the number of resources, then the game allows you to create your farms with different crops raise the animals and make your progress.

4.) City Ville

City Ville designed by the company name Zynga. There are many components which are similar to Farmville. It is available on the iOS mobile platform only.

So, if you are not using iPhone, then this game is not for your option. The main thing about this game is that it linked to the city. You have to manage your crops farm, and also you can construct the buildings, collect the rent and many more to explore. Also check Games Like zwinky.


5.) Farm Town 2

It is somewhat similar to the farm Ville game. In this game, you can create your farm and trade your cultivated crops as a good and sell it to the nearby town. You can build farm as you wish you can grow the variety of fruits crops vegetables and any plants.

You can also rear horses, animals, birds, cats, etc. This game allows you to visit your friends; you can play this game on Android.

6.) Hay day

It is a famous game which developed by supercell. It was launched on June 2012 in IOS and Android on November 2013. Hay Day is the game which has the fourth highest revenue generation in games.

In this game the player has uncle who is not able to take care of his farms so he handover the responsibility to the player to take care of his farms and he is also teaching how to protect the crop from animals and sell it in the market and earn coins, which can be used to buy anything.

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He can use coins to purchase decoration items pets.

7.) Township

It is a game which is developed by Playrix and is launched in all the formats, for iOS in October 2013, for Google Play November 2013 and Amazon app store in February 2014.

As we discussed above this game is something different from other two because rather than farming this game also combines with City Building. In this game, the player can process its crop and then sell to the market.

These Coins are used to buy factories, buildings, and more coins. In case you get more coin then you can play more levels of it.

8.) Castleville

Castleville was available on Facebook in November 2011. It is a game of single player with multiplayer interactions in 2013. Zinga created a sequel to Castle Ville called Castle Ville Legends in 2013.

The game allows players to build their land up with Castle elements, resources of play, science, experience points, Alliance points, Castle points, crowns, energy, etc.

9.) The Tribez

This game design company is named as game Insight. It developed by divo games. It works on the Microsoft Windows laptop, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.1 devices also.

This game like FarmVille is not the game only on the farm, but it is a game of adventure where you can travel to distant full of Secrets mysteries.

The thing is that you have to use your instincts to survive in these different surroundings.

10.) Family farm seaside

This game built by the Beijing video game company fun Plus. This Farmville like the play is available on iOS and Android platforms and is available in 18 languages. By 2015 this game had more than 60 million active users. You can compete with your friend’s ingrowing farm. This game is a fun and farming.

11.) Farm Tribe

The publisher of this game is Crio games Inc. In this game, there is a tribe called Mayan’s tribe. You can hire the workers for your form and improve their professional skills. In this game, You can cook the dishes of your choice and grow organic food and sell them in the market.

You can also build your farm with the decoration to attract other customers.

12.) Green farm 3

The Gameloft develops this game. It is available on Android platform only. In this game, the player assumes himself as a farmer and being farmer he had to grow crops, fruits, vegetables, etc. It is a last option in the container of games like farmville.

games like farmville green farm


So, Folks, it is the end of this story, I think you found your option in games like Farmville and if you did not get yet, then please comment below and let me know.

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