How to start your own VoIP business?

While there is no doubting that VoIP is one of the big technologies of the immediate future, the barriers to entry are enormous for the normal person in the street. If you are looking to set-up your own dedicated, self supportive business, you are taking millions of dollars of investment, cutting edge equipment and nerves of steel before you even start to market yourself. As the market becomes more and more dominated by the early entrants, and organizations with multi million dollar funding, able to support themselves all of the way through to profitability, other options are starting to materialize.

In line with the traditional marketing strategies of internet businesses, we are seeing a larger array of Affiliate and Reseller programs on offer in the VoIP market – offering a fairly risk free entry into the market place.

What are the pros and cons of such programs?

While in essence both Affiliate and Reseller programs are heavily influenced by a specific provider, the potential and risk / reward ratio can be very different for the person actually selling to the mass market. There are many point to consider, including.

Affiliate Programs

In effect an Affiliate program is just a link from you to the service providers, which you then market to the mass market. Your link details are specific to you and you are able to track, monitor and influence how, where and the frequency with which you promote “your” services – thereby giving a large degree of flexibility to your work patterns.

The traditional Affiliate programs are based upon a fixed commission basis, i.e. you receive a fixed payment for every customer who signs up with your service provider. The sign-up procedure is very simple, they click on your marketing link and are transferred to the service provider’s website, where they sign up as normal – all very seamless.

Many Affiliate services use cookies which enable you to receive an income if one of your customers buys within say a 90 day period, rather than the first time they click on your link. This extended cookie system can be disrupted if a user were to clear out all of the cookies on their PC before going back to buy – there would be no way of tracing the origin of customers.

For those with a skill in marketing, copy writing and customer services, Affiliate programs can prove very lucrative for what is basically very little work, once you have set-up your website.

Reseller Accounts

Reseller Accounts are a little different and are in effect half way between your own dedicated VoIP service and an Affiliate program. As with the traditional internet hosting Reseller programs, you actually buy “airtime” from a VoIP provider, which you then package up yourself and resell to your customers.

Unlike Affiliate programs, Reseller accounts offer you the advantage of being able to price your products how you wish, allowing you to change your pricing in a moment. You will be able to purchase airtime from your provider(s) at a discount to commercial rates, because in effect you are acting as their agent.

As the Reseller option can be a little more complicated than a straight forward Affiliate program, many service providers will actually provide a customer designed website, with fully functional “back end” which takes away some of the technical difficulties of running the site. In effect you are let to design the layout, packages and pricing, with the rest done automatically.

Unlike an Affiliate program which will clearly show who is providing the service, a Reseller option will highlight “you” as the service provider, even though the services and technical aspects are being looked after by a third party. The Reseller option actually allows you to build your own brand name, but your will have more responsibility for talking to customers, sorting problems (through your service provider) and ensuring that your site is clear and not misleading. Join the hottelecom reseller program now!


The Affiliate and Reseller options offer you varying degrees of responsibility and control, as well as varying income. Which one you choose would depend on a number of factors including marketing skills, pricing experience and marketing budget to name but a few. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but offer an interesting and value for money way into the VoIP market.

Innovative Ways to Use Voip

The technology that is used in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is pioneering in itself. Using the same technology through which people send emails and website pages are transferred to your computer, it is also possible to communicate through internet telephony. Although VoIP service has been around for several years, its usage has recently exploded as the technology becomes more reliable. Another reason that so many people are beginning to use the VoIP phone system is because they are being made aware of the benefits they receive. Now, you can use VoIP service for much more than just talking on the phone inside your home.

With most phone service, you are limited in the range of usage. Even with internet telephony, you can only use the phone within a few hundred feet of your home, if even that far. Imagine being able to use your home telephone wherever you can use wireless internet. Vonage, a leading VoIP provider, makes it possible. Through Vonage, you can purchase a phone that allows you to make VoIP calls through a wireless access point.

Making calls through Wi-Fi is just as easy as connecting to the internet and it uses the same technology. You only have to be within about 200 feet of the wireless access point to use your VoIP handset. Using the service you can make and receive calls the same way you would make and receive them in your home.

The phone is the Vonage WiFi UTStarcom F1000. The phone is priced at $129.99 with a $40 rebate. This price is comparable to that of a wireless handheld phone and functions in a similar way as well.

Is your cell phone bill too high? Consider replacing your cell phone altogether with the Vonage Wi-Fi phone. The phone can be used anywhere that Wi-Fi is offered – hotels, airports, coffee shops, and more. If Wi-Fi is not readily available in your area, you can consider waiting a little while until the technology is more prevalent.

Although speakerphones are commonplace when it comes to landline and even cellular phones, the technology has not yet been exploited with internet telephony. That is, until now. With Skype VoIP phone system, you can use speakerphone in a similar way to what you would do with your cellular or landline phone. One of the most popular models offered is the Mvox MV900. Priced at $130, the VoIP phone system acts both as a speaker phone using Skype VoIP service and as a cell phone when it is attached to a PC.

Previously Skype VoIP service users were limited to their PC to make calls using their internet telephony service. New developments enable you to use both your PDA and cellular phone to make and receive calls using Skype service.

VoIP technology is revolutionizing the way that people communicate with one another. While you were once limited to using a VoIP phone system only within your home using a PC, you now have options to use the service in other areas with other technologies.

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