15 Kisscartoon Alternatives To Watch Cartoons In 2021

It is the time in the multiplex world where cartoon characters are more prevalent as juxtaposed to the tangible shapes. It arises due to the representation of these characters in movies and TV shows. You can envision any world and designate it on the shield by using cartoon figures and animations. 

However, you necessitate a source to accomplish the content, and then a name that appears in your mind is kisscartoon. It is a trade where many populace will relish the cartoon flicks and long series.

It is the primary influence that originators are utilizing nowadays, and there are heaps of cartoon and animation content prepared for streaming.

If you do not know about kisscartoon, you must concede the things about this cartoon streaming site. In any case, you are familiar with this online element, then you will expect some awareness about the blemishes in this streaming site.

I was hoping you could read all the items; I assume it will furnish you with the essence and surety from the online bacilli and other principles.


Kisscartoon is a well-known reservoir of cartoon flicks and shows that you can access any emblem by clicking on its website. According to the stories, it is the most significant cartoon streaming source in online communication that obeys the cumbersome number of cartoon files (video files) in their database.

kisscartoon website

Suppose you are an enthusiast of TV shows and follow any series from the long episode by episode in the animation niche. In that case, this site will modernize you immovable with a distinct episode than other postulates. If you did not accomplish your desired cartoon movie or data on this web page, then adjudicate the report/request button to encourage you out.

There is a possibility to register or login in to compose continuously equate with your media file. In addition, you can employ the advanced search item from the header of the kisscartoon website to find your freakish or non-popular media source.

As you apprehend, It offers all services for free, but now you are contemplating how a website can render such premium content for free. It intends something wrong with the site and its administration. 

If you are conceiving in this way, you are advancing on the right path because copying other people’s content is a crime in the constitutions of many countries. 

On the other hand, this website is constantly bickering, and it can devise a more prominent mess in your real-life legally and safety-wise.

I will clarify all your questions and proffer you the right idea about this site in my next heading.

Is kisscartoon safe

The answer is no; Kisscartoon is not a safe selection for anyone to manage because it is an illegal place filled with shells of viruses and ads. To a person who considers privacy, internet security, and many others, Kiss cartoon is not the appropriate election to watch cartoons online.

It can embed some outcast files and software into your system, and you can get a legal notice from the actual producers of the content you streamed on the kisscartoon website.

Many production companies want to attack these websites and try to warn some users. So, they can stop these places by spreading word of mouth about the legal notices.

According to the news reports, companies put the case against the Showbox, fmovies, and putlocker kind of places and block them entirely from the internet. It is a legal offense, and you need to circumvent it to sojourn away from the notices, charges, and other stuff.

Other than the legal issues, it can prompt some disturbance to your system by putting some unknown software and apk files into your system. According to the reports, auto click ads can detect your location, browser setting, emails, name, and personal details through websites and apps. In addition, sometimes adult ads can hit the children hard; as a parent, make sure that your kid is not using kisscartoon.

Kiss cartoon down?

This website is entirely down from the server side in many parts of the world and not functioning correctly due to the many more prominent brands against it to stop piracy. Accordingly, you can not access the main website, but some version exists as a mirror.

In many cases, if you strike the mirror of kisscartoon, the links you will use for streaming are also blocked by the ISP providers. 

Accordingly, you are not persisting in using them without any error or misplacement.

Best Kisscartoon Alternatives

If you are an enthusiast of cartoons and desire to follow shows like Kung fu panda, Rick, and Morty online, you require websites similar to the kisscartoon in the database.

 I collect these websites from people who are comelily qualified in the selection of similar places. However, as a writer, I do not prefer these places because they can be illegal.

Alternatives list

  1. Watchcartoononline
  2. Kimcartoon
  3. Kissanime
  4. 9cartoon
  5. Wco TV
  6. Cartoonson\
  7. StreamCartoonsonline
  8. Watchcartoonshd
  9. Farminginfaith
  10. B98tv

I checked them on forums where people talk about the kiss cartoon-like places and solicit them with my explanation. Consequently, you can employ them for your comfort, and in any case, your country allows you to stream these websites then go with them for the additional data.

1#) Watchcartoononline


Watchcartoononline is a methodical match for the kisscartoon website, and you can perceive that when you traverse the website content. However, it has existed in mobile and desktop form for your distinct inadequacy for various devices.


At present, this website nurtures a website address that incorporates the .bz domain extension.

On Watchcartoononline, you will notice the cartoon’s title in alphabetical order; you can reach the stream page by clicking the title or relevant thumbnail. It involves all the cartoon films, anime series, TV shows, and kids programs to experience your time. 

Watchcartoononline is a treasure of dubbed anime, subbed anime, cartoons, and videos that people love to watch and relinquish their free time with loads of delight.

2#) Kimcartoon


Kimcartoon is a comparable place where you can stream free cartoons using your mobile device and desktop computer. It is conducted by the same people who work behind the kiss cartoon, so these two websites cover almost the same content and sections. When you revisit kimcartoon, then you will accept my words.


This site’s focus is mainly on cartoon and animation films, including a sustainable database of episodes. 

To use the advanced advantage with this site, you can generate an account on this portal, and some assistance will unblock after that. 

From pattern to titles, from sections to search assets, the Kim cartoon is a rigorous peer version of the kisscartoon website. 

3#) Kissanime


Kissanime is utilized for anime streaming, but people who cherish kisscartoon also accompany it reasonably. It anticipates I will demonstrate some crucial sides of this kiss anime website. This site denotes the service of free anime shows and flicks with the timeliness of comics like manga and others.


If you aspire to traverse your dominion of the cartoon, then you can relish the anime because it’s almost identical. Moreover, all anime shows are available in your language in dubbed, and some are available in subtitle form on the kissanime website. This website almost includes all the cartoon titles associated with our leading site. 

4#) 9cartoon


9cartoon is the mirror of the kisscartoon, and when you hunt it for in any tool, you will acquire some results of the leading site. In addition, it comprises a bulky list of cartoon attests that you prefer to stream.

You can also pray the content you crave on this site using the linked button you previously practiced on the natural source. 9cartoon is appreciated as a top-class pick in the list of most desirable dilemmas, and you will also concur with my solicitudes after obtaining the site.

5#) WCO TV


WCO TV is a phenomenal place for the kids to attend the cartoon in robust quality and free. The configuration and functionality of the site are comparable to the kiss cartoon, or I can speak it resembles notable identical to the essential resource.

wco tv

You can watch the ova series on this site if you are a presumptuous fan of it. Video content on this station is mainly in HD and ready at all times. Moreover, you can inscribe for the broken links of the corporeality to stream free on your particular devices.

6#) Cartoonson


A cartoon is a trustworthy source where you can discover each video file in High definition or interpretation to obtain them on Your Tv or more magnanimous screen. 


However, it only embraces content delivered on streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, or DVD format; otherwise, cartoons can not assemble content files in more eminent resolutions. 

To commence streaming any esteemed title, snap on the thumbnail or anchor text, you will relinquish a new page with the description associated with your title. 

However, after that, you will require to click on the “watch now” button to obtain the streaming servers for a precise movie file. In this manner, you will heed copious auto script-based ads that will create your page experience annoying. 

Cartoonson is radically neighborly for the USA, UK audience due to its content range and assets belonging to these countries. However, it rarely comprises anime headings, so you can pick it if you only aspire to watch country-specific cartoons. 

7#) StreamCartoonsonline


Streamcartoonsonline is outlined for a particular audience; if you were born in the ’80s or ’90s, you envisioned the cartoon shows and films from that time, then sensed this website freely. It will invigorate all your childhood reminiscences and proffer you a classic occurrence of cartoons.


On the Streamcartoonsonline website, you will witness two segments for 80’s cartoons and the other for 90’s Cartoons. It’s notable freakish in the sense of its compilation; however, you can stream shows like bananaman, Gumby, postman pat, and many others. In addition, this website bears free titles and does not induce any ads unnecessarily. 

8#) Watchcartoonshd


Watchcartoonshd is a bulky adversary of the kisscartoon website on the internet; however, its content’s compilation seems similar to its rival. On watchcartoonsHd, you can reach titles in sections such as dubbed anime, subbed anime, movies, and ova series. 


On Watchcartoonshd, you can interlace with the titles that are releasing their episodes religiously. In addition, it has an ongoing cartoon and bestows a list that you can access out in the proper division of the website. Using the genre list from the lower section of the Watchcartoonshd site, you can follow anime and cartoon shows in niches like dementia, hentai, josei, samurai, vacation, etc. 

9#) Farminginfaith


Farminginfaith is similar to kiss anime, which also pertains to this list of top-notch alternatives where you can watch free cartoons without any pay and registration. Moreover, you do not demand any registration to access any indulged title on its webpage. Farminginfaith is also devoted to providing you the service of watching anime, watching cartoons, and animations films. You can contact site owners for a particular title or any server issues. 


On Farminginfaith, you can obtain shows like south park, Dragon ball Kai and many others. To watch any title, click on its thumbnail or its anchor link and reach the page where you can use the diverse servers or video players to follow your chosen episode according to your specification (subtitle or dubbed version 360P to 1080P quality).

10#) b98tv

Similar to StreamCartoonsonline, B98tv is also assigned to classic free cartoon streaming. You can sort out the animation content based on studios, series, and many other filters. 

On B98tv, you can gush titles such as Mickey down under, Self-control, whole metal duck, rick and Morty, Micky Mouse, and Tom & jerry. All these shows are famous and most solid in all fairmindedness for any viewer. 


B98tv does not require any registration on their program, and there are no hidden assessments on this website. However, it is the legal and competent streaming partner for cartoon shows. Therefore, you can use B98tv without any worry in your mind. 

11#) supercartoons

Supercartoons is a well-designed cartoon streaming source that is a legit and safe choice for kids and their parents. It has fewer ads than other websites, and there is no harmful auto-click or script-based advertising. However, supercartoons has a limited source of content with the proper presentation. 


Supercartoons mostly has a collection of episodes and movies that are classic and in the 2-D version of the animation. I can say one thing if you like old cartoons and fan of some titles such as roadrunner, pluto, and many others, then you must visit this website once. 

Although it does not update content regularly, you will find enough content to watch with your kids. Super cartoons provide you the functionality to sort out the cartoon videos based on studios, characters, series by using the menu option of the website. If we compare it with kisscartoon, it is a decent competitor in the old cartoon videos section. 

12#) nick

Nick is a known tv channel that is known to produce and stream classic and some legendary cartoon series. It is a pretty old player in the cartoon streaming world that people have loved for a long time. Like its Tv channel, nick’s streaming website is equally well designed and equipped to serve the kids’ top-rated series. 


When you open the website, you can see how wast its collections are in any niche, and content diversity is on the next level. With cartoon series and movies, it is also equipped with games, events, content, and many other engaging kinds of stuff for kids and their parents to pass their time most suitably. 

However, nick is not cover all the movies and stuff similar to kiss cartoon, but it has more than enough content for any teen or kids to watch for a long time. It also produces new content regularly that is also available exclusively on their platform to watch in their free time. 

13) seeziskids

Seeziskids is a different prospect for parents and kids if we talk about a cartoon streaming site. This cartoon site provides education and knowledge in the form of cartoons; it means your kids can learn things by watching some fantastic cartoons and short videos. On this seeziskids website, you can access nursery rhymes, number games, shapes, alphabet cartoons, and many others without any cost. 


This education cartoon site is free and legal and has lots of stuff for the small kids; your kid can explore a massive chunk of information in the form of entertainment there. Seeziskids also serves singing stories, poetry, toys review, funny clips, and other entertaining stuff. If I can suggest you one cartoon streaming website that can help your kid’s growth, then pick this one without any doubt. 

14#) Netflix

Netflix is a huge giant in the field of tv shows, movies, cartoons, Korean drama, anime streaming with its extensive video database and content quality. No one can come near to this streaming website if we talk about the present market. However, it’s a paid source, but most people follow it without any problem and pay for its services according to their requirements. 


In cartoons, it matches the same level of authority and content variety to its users. You can watch most of the famous and classical cartoon shows launched in multiple languages. When you buy its subscription, it has a particular section for kids filled with informative videos, cartoons, anime, and many other shows. Kisscartoon also uses its content illegally. That way, you can understand the power of this cartoon streaming site. 

15#) cartoonnetwork

CartoonNetwork is quite similar to the nick streaming source; it is also a Tv channel the streams in various countries like India, the USA, the UK, and many others. It has a different website for the different regions; you can stream all the classics and newly-released content, paying small charges.


Cartoon Network is a widely known brand in cartoon streaming; if I talk about my personal experience, I watched it in my childhood most of the time when I was a kid. 


It is all about this cartoon streaming source, and I presume you undergo something distinct from this guide. You can recite it at your risk because convenient authorities are not legal by any law terms.

Thanks for reading!

I am content write and technical expert at a tech organization. I also do the computer science education through the college. Love to solve the techncal issue through my writing and want to help people to solve their.


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